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  1. Oh interesting. I honestly didn't know they had groups for sugar mamas. I guess I'll try to be a babyboy or somethng...
  2. I mean honestly I don't mind a sugar mama. I would make a horrible girl so I feel like whoever would be able to see right through it XD lol
  3. I have currently hit a few rough patches in my life and I am unfortunately unable to afford a lot of the luxuries I was once able to enjoy in SL. I am seeking out a kind (or not so kind it honestly doesn’t matter) man or woman who has the lindens to spare and doesn't know what to do with them. Of course you will get something in return as I am willing to: -Help out with any of your hard daily tasks. -Show up as eyecandy to any events. -Spend quality time with you. -Model -Accompany you on any explorations. -Be an open ear and a shoulder to cry on
  4. Hey I may be interested. I just want to know the pay and whether or not you need rl experience for the position
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