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  1. Answers a second question I never got around to asking, some idea though for a raffle board. Oh all the tricks I never figured out XD
  2. Well that's a rather clever way to work it. Going to give this a shot now, thank you
  3. Looking for a script to add to my telporters for group only. Only problem is I can't find one that I can put a group in by uuid, just ones that base off the item's group, which has to be the land group, or it will be returned. Can't merge my club group with the land group I'm in
  4. Got a new head...needs a little work still, but had to do a photoshoot 😃
  5. Yeah, skip trying this. 30 minutes later and I'm still mist with maybe 20k inv loaded
  6. Just a lil bune waiting for a friend
  7. Probably simple, but I'm trying to make some announcement script for when an avatar lands or enters a certain area in my place. I'm thinking a prim with collision, and tried that. Didn't work for landing on, but endlessly shouted when stood on. Land_collision didn't seem to do anything. Ideally, I'd like it to work with somebody landing from a port and walking onto (just the port if I can't do both), but have say a 10 minute timeout between reactivating for the same avatar. It doesn't need to say a name, just need others to see it, across a parcel if possible, will just have it
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