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    Probably simple, but I'm trying to make some announcement script for when an avatar lands or enters a certain area in my place. I'm thinking a prim with collision, and tried that. Didn't work for landing on, but endlessly shouted when stood on. Land_collision didn't seem to do anything. Ideally, I'd like it to work with somebody landing from a port and walking onto (just the port if I can't do both), but have say a 10 minute timeout between reactivating for the same avatar. It doesn't need to say a name, just need others to see it, across a parcel if possible, will just have it shout otherwise. Any steering in the right direction would be appreciated, thanks
  2. Had an itch for a new hair style, settled for being lazy and wearing a hat 😃
  3. I'm about 7ft in game...he gives slenderman a run for his money
  4. So there is a bit rule...and I wanna know how far that goes, so, I give you, art XD
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