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  1. I'll try the scripts next time I'm on. Usually keeping around 600 free, with a little over 500 used by me. My use doubled, and I don't have that much that temp rezzes things out, but definitely worth a shot
  2. Was wondering if there was some update that changed some scripts, but glad to hear it went back.... Unfortunately, my sim only gets restarted about once a month, maybe it'll did before that
  3. Checking things out, my region did restart early Friday, figuring something might have glitched with that and doubled my count? not finding double objects, but, it would be about the right number
  4. Wondering if anybody else has land that has had it's impact jump recently. I should have had around 500 free on mine, but checked it just now and have 60. It's apparently my objects causing it, and even did a full drop through to see if I rezzed a random skybox, but there's nothing new... =/
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