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  1. Hi, the mic is built in and works with all my other programs. I have not tried other viewers. That's a good idea. is there one you suggest? Because the only one that I know of is Firestorm. and thank you so much for responding!
  2. @belindacarson: not such a daft question And yes, everything in FS tells me I should have incoming and outgoing voice. all volumes, in FS and on my PC are set at 100%
  3. Thank you Whirly. That didn't work. Still see a dot and can see other ppl talkin, I just can't talk or hear them. any other suggestions?
  4. Hi all, I am some serious need of assistance. Back in May, windows did an update. so did firestorm viewer. My laptop is only a year old (Asus). I updated both and lost all sounds, music and voice. I have check my firewall settings, voice settings in FS, used the advise of forums, did a clean install twice... none of it worked. With the latest release of FS viewer (December 2018), I got my sounds and music back. But for some reason, I still can't hear voice or speak,m even though I have a dot. I've check Windows (10) firewall settings (using info from wiki and SL forum help), reset and double check all levels on my sound mixer, updated all drivers, even rechecked and reset FS sound. I even went to Voice Echo Canyon, toggled voice, logged out, relogged to last sim and then tpd home. Still have a dot but I can't voice or hear voice. My mic works on all other programs. I know its a simple setting, i just can't figure out what it is. Can anyone help me please? And thank you so much in advance!! Have a happy and safe New Years!!
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