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  1. Thank you both very much, Lindal Kidd, I will contact you very soon, when i log in to SL..RL has me very busy atm...I appreciate you so much already! Hugs
  2. Hello to all, I am very new to Land ownership, Jumped in the deep end before testing the water, it was a huge investment as you all know. I was wondering is there any groups or schools in SL to teach me all about this plus Do & Don't kinda stuff, how to divide lands and set prices all about group lands verses not grouping ECT. I log in and draw a blank every time? stuck on dumb and also a bit stressed at what I just invested in sort of speak...Just looking for other like minded people. I did read on this forum a lot of helpful info...but, I am a hands on person sort a speak..Just wondering is there a school something of this nature in world. and any groups that are good for answering questions. Thank you so much for reading, Happy SL to all :)
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