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  1. Thanks LittleMe Jewell. So it looks like it wasn't just me.
  2. Thanks LittleMe Jewell. Looks like I just happened to have been selecting a few items where the "Get the demo version" link didn't work correctly, for whatever reason. I tried a number of other items that provided demos and they worked in that they then brought up the demo version page which normally lists a price of L$0 so I could put it in the cart and submit the order. However, that still leaves the question as to why my friend could get a 'place your order button' but I couldn't for a certain item. Here's a link to it. This item does have a very adult sex image on it and so if you're
  3. I am unable to get any demos from the SL Marketplace. I tried it in SL and from a browser outside of SL. I tried three different browsers but none of them provide the Place Your Order" button so I can go to my cart and get the demo. I had a friend with many years of experience try to help me and eventually they weren't able to figure it out either. I'm guessing that something in my account got set up wrong and it's keeping me from being able to get demo versions from SL Marketplace. Thanks!
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