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  1. Yuwerly

    Cheap stores?

    ?Does anyone know any good stores with cheap prices? For everything, except furniture. Thanks ?
  2. Hi! I'm Sorry for not answering. Could you send me links to mesh feet that might work for that kind of shoes? Excuse my grammar, I'm really tired Anyways, I would appreciate if you could send me some links to different mesh feet, thanks! ❤️
  3. here is the link to the shoes https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ricielli-ZOELLE-Over-The-Knee-Heels-2-Colors-PROMOTION/14651125
  4. @Talligurl I can send you a screenshot @Fionalein i can't edit them ;(
  5. @Fionalein I'm using mesh feet ;O
  6. Hey! I have a little problem. I bought multiple shoes but none of them worked. my feet won't fit inside the shoes! I tried to use size 0 but that didn't work, I tried to change the script but I can't. its a type of a shoe where the feet are straight. how should I make this work without having to spend lindens? ;( Sincerely -Yuwerly
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