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  1. Sorry everyone, I should have been more specific... Speech Training includes: - Replaced words: Replace "I" with "This robot" e.g. Type: I am hungry -> Chat: This robot is hungry - enforced words: Every sentance must include the word "girl" or "this" e.g. "This girl thanks you" - bad word list: Not allowed to say certain words (punished or prevented) e.g. "I thank you" *** PUNISHED *** e.g. "Your Girl thanks you" *** Happy ***
  2. Hi everyone I am looking for a gag (or a script for a gag) that supports speech training . I know MoDesigns used to but they are out of business. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I feel bad for the littles who had their thread hijacked. If there are any others out there Little or Big who want to meet up you should re-re-hijack your thread back and make some new friends!! **Smiles**
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