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  1. Worked! Thank you so much. I was unaware of this function.
  2. I got a rug and placed it on the 2nd floor of my apartment. I was able to edit and move it. Now I can't select it to edit or delete. Not sure if it's slightly too low on the floor. Any thoughts on how I can move or delete it?
  3. Thank you so much for your help! I learned a lot and will now switch over to Firestorm. After no success with trying these steps I started rebuilding my avi. After all this work I realized it was my hair that was causing the glitch! Feeling a bit stupid, but the process was educational. Thank again for all your help!
  4. Quick update. I installed a 3rd party viewer to see if that would change anything and it did not help
  5. Thank you Laura. I'm still a beginner with this. Can you tell me how to clean my cache or do avatar reset or point me to some instructions?
  6. Yesterday I was experimenting with some new head and body meshes.This morning I realized that I have some large clear gaps by my left eye and and on the bridge of my nose. I though it was an alpha problem. I removed and reattached any alphas that were showing but the problem didn't go away. I went my older saved outfits with my previous head / body configurations and the problem is there too. I can;t figure it out. Please help! I don't want to walk around with holes in my head!
  7. I'm having troubles with several items where there is a HUD that needs to be attached to change colors, preferences, etc. I select attach to HUD and have tried various locations but most of them do not show up on the screen even though it shows them loading and they are indicated as attached. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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