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  1. The very fast turn over time for SL fashion really means that by the end of the event, you shouldn't be caught dead in it - Unrelated then simply DON'T BUY. It's as easy as that. - snippy (For non SL n00bs) 'Exclusively for the event' generally means 'introduced at this event'/ You don't like it? Go somewhere else! - rude+name calling Tari's entire reply + Alyona reply to Tari - rudeness / unrelated (maitreya comment) most of the comments targeting my so called " poor fiscal choices " (it's financial, by the way - fiscal is related to government, taxes, and a nation's economy - not the individual.) are simply being rude without need. my primary concern was that people are spending money on things that, by the real world definition of the word, should be limited to an event, only available during the event. and that it can cause confusion and people can feel upset if they decide to buy something "exclusive" only to find that it was NOT using the real world definition and will always be available. That's were the problem comes in. Where the meaning of words are altered, and confuse people into thinking that an item is only available for a set amount of time. when it gets near impossible to know which creators exclusives are actually exclusives, and which ones will be re sold. It shouldn't be able to be labeled as "exclusive" if it's going to be resold. THAT is the issue. it's too easy for people to misunderstand, and then they buy something thinking it will be a unique item only to find it's always available at the same exact price. Think about it this way, you go to some big event RL, there is a booth /etc there for a specific brand of shoe, selling an exclusive design/line of a shoe, let's say they are.... $150. You buy them and a day after the event you are on the way home, find the same brands store selling the same shoe for the same price as a permanent product and realize you could have gotten them at a later time. All the while noticing that some of the booths items that were marked as exclusive actually where limited to being sold at that one specific event - wouldn't you feel a bit lied to? They had the shoe marked and where marketing it as if you could never get it again, same as the other vendors with exclusives being offered. but in reality, you could have gotten it later down the road unlike the items that were not being re sold.
  2. 1. I am not "new" / "noob" to sl - name calling is not necessary. Just because I haven't posted 5 billion things on the forums does not mean i am "new" to SL, it just means that I haven't posted much to forums. 2. as stated before "exclusive" in the real world has a vastly different meaning RL than people use it in SL for.. if by "exclusive" they are intending "Introduced" it should be made more clear. So it does not sound as if the item will not be sold after the event. 3. SOME creators actually DO use the "exclusive" tag for things they DO NOT sell after the event closes - having exclusives that are NOT resold and "exclusives" that ARE resold is where the confusion comes in..... so, I don't think it should be marked as "exclusive" if it is going to be resold, that's all I am saying. It can be confusing and feel like a rip off when you see some creators exclusives ACTUALLY being sold only at that event, while others are selling their "exclusives" both at the event and afterwards in their store. 4. Look at the replies I got, almost none that were not rude or insulting.... I put forward a concern that is perfectly understandable....replies could have been more polite. yet all i get was a backlash of insults, assumptions, name calling, rudeness, and replies that have nothing to do with the topic at all. This is exactly why I don't post to forums 99.9% of the time and am still labeled as "newbie" on the forums...... Can't even say "my dogs taking a nap" without someone getting offended and flipping out and flinging insults and assumptions around. smh. one reply that saw things from my perspective and took the time to understand where I am coming from before lashing out like an injured animal..... ONE...
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to post this sort of thing, but it has become an inexcusably large and common place problem for the creators of SL products to, in the various shopping events, claim an item as being exclusive. I don't mind event exclusive items, it can make you feel more unique and thankful when you get something that isn't scattered around everywhere. Where I have a problem comes in when it is claimed as being exclusive to the event, yet is instantly re sold at the same exact price the second the event closes. This is not "exclusive". It's not "exclusive" if you sell an item forever. And a lot of the creators that do this.... they aren't the new ones.... they are the big name popular brands that already have large followings of devoted customers, (I will *try* not to point fingers - as that's uncalled for, but I see it happen a lot with bigger brands), customers that are probably providing the creators main, if not only, source of income.... Lying to the people supporting you and shadily claiming non-exclusive items as being "exclusive" to an event just because it's not sold at your mainstore for .. what? 2 weeks tops? that's a fairly average event time limit, then instantly selling it in mainstore as soon as the event is closed, is inexcusable. It is a shady, and dishonest business practice, and makes it hard to know which items actually ARE going to be gone after the event. It's scummy. By falsely claiming an item as exclusive, more people buy more than they can really afford to because they are essentially told "If you don't get this now, you never will" so they shell out a bigger chunk of their wallet than they might be able to handle so they don't "miss out" only to find the same item at the same price is being permanently sold in the mainstore a few days later. This is legitimately LYING to your clients/customers.... The money spent on fake "exclusives" could be better spent on things that WILL NOT be re sold outside of the event.... I feel very strongly about this, and I don't think it is right... I feel like this sort of lying, shady, false advertising of items as being time limited / exclusive should be against the TOS. They wouldn't want someone to trick them with false promises of an exclusive item..... so why should they be totally fine with doing the same to those that support them? And, why should they be allowed to blatantly lie to consumers?
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