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  1. ??? What i am doing today??? Wash my dirty laundry all day....?
  2. AAh Thank you Belinda..it was a nice conversation ... you're cool too ... and funny ...?
  3. No one has to be afraid of me, that spray gives people a big smile... hhmmm Some people...??
  4. Having so much fun with my anti ugly spray...lol ??
  5. I just logged in,and i rented my first land...on sl...And now? I am waiting till they send me the group.Cant rezz things now Maybe i need some help later,,i dont know..We will see...
  6. thank you all I already feel baptized in this group..lol
  7. Thank you so much but..how? i am sorry...i am not online yet in world..but you will send an url on this community?i dont know how it works..hahhaha
  8. How do i look? This took me 2 weeks to look like this,and a lot of Lindens.But its okay...
  9. I want to be your friend too...I will contact you inworld...
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