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    edit own objects

    i am using firestorm, all settings seem the same as i have always used i dont understand it myself but even objects i have previously edited i can no longer do. i am going to install a different viewer and see if i get the same error. its really frustrating
  2. gwnm

    edit own objects

    the items are all full perms its more the repeats per meter i can't seem to change, nothing happens when i click the buttons up or down. i can type in the boxes but thats about it. even on fresh prims i still have the same problem. its beginning to get annoying.
  3. i know this is a really stupid thing but for the life of me i can't work it out. two days ago i could edit my own textures and objects but for some reason i suddenly can't, even if i just res a box i can add the texture but i cant change it vertically or horizontally, i can rotate it but thats about it. just wondering if there might be a setting i am missing as my friends can edit everything as normal on my stuff