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  1. HI, I was unsure where to put this so finally picked here. If this is wrong, so sorry. I was wondering if anyone has an knowledge of the Latin Baby system in SL. I would love to find a guide, or information, or even someone I can ask some questions of. The support crew does not seem to be online often if at all. Thanks.
  2. Well, I have to admit I have learned a lot in this thread. And, because of that, have now restricted access to my parcel. Yes, they can cam.. but, cannot see the people there. And, I am next door to this person with the bots... and, guess what. I have no issues at all. If You are a paying SL user You do get a free linden house. Could always use that to meet your friend. I'm out ~ ta
  3. So You both would be okay with me wandering around Your land / home / etc and looking around, taking pics, posting said pics in the forum? Somehow that seems kinda rude to me. But then, I am somewhat new to SL. *shrugs* Guess everyone has their own standards online as well as real life.
  4. their not there** And by the way You don't have rights to walk other people's parcels and click about land or anything else.
  5. Kittony

    hug kiss hud

    I am looking for a hug and kiss hud that works well with large size differences. Like say for a tall guy and a little for example. Thanks for anyone who has suggestions.
  6. I did both ... just cant stop it from coming to me. thanks everyone very much
  7. I did that and blocked the name its a bunch of letters and its still coming thru
  8. I keep getting this suddenly in my nearby chat. No matter where I am it keeps coming. Support is closed today, my account seems fine ... I did not share my info or account. Cant find any way to stop this from coming into my nearby chat about ever 15 seconds I get it. Can anyone help. My sl name is Kittony Message From Secondlife: Your Account Has Been Compromised Please Contact Secodlife Support 1-833-861-0111 And Get This Issue Resolved.
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