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  1. nowhiringhostdj.png.779e3da4ac35e4693533dfa9715c2143.png.a9995d7936d99fe5c735cf6d7abd086f.png


       We are a new & up coming club looking for experienced & non experienced Host / Dancers.

                             We are also seeking Dj's whom are experienced.


                   Seeking The following :


                     *Reliable, Friendly, Outgoing & Fun

                   *Must be 30 days old & 18 yrs old RL

                *500 L’s Per Set + 90% tips {Host / Dancers}

            *100% tips  {Dj’s}

                   *DJs Must be able to voice on air & provide own stream.

              * Dancers must be able to emote  & personalize emotes for tips.

              *We are a friendly and entertaining group that enjoy a good time.


               *We do offer Perks & Incentives, Such as a Linden bonus.


            Please Apply On Links Down Below If You are Interested or Hop On Over To Our In World  Hiring Office & Fill Out A App:

    Interviews do Require Mic





    Sensual Essences Grand Opening Night 

                                          "Halloween Shake Down"
                    Best Halloween Costume Contest 2K To Winner

                         6PM - 9PM SLT
                                    Live performance by Mahogany.Soulstar
                        Followed by

                     Live Mixed Music Till 9PM SLT 


  3. Upcoming establishment seeking a reliable photographer for

    pro bono work coming up, it won't pay, but it will build your portfolio and give you contacts.

     We will need the following:

    Provide  Flickr Account info



    Full body & Headshots




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