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  1. My bad, I got distracted and forgot to get back to this after I got it working. it was what Skell Dagger said, the first time i opened the box the items must have loaded immediately and i either didnt notice or forgot that they showed up in that list, all i had to do was wait for them to load before taking them.
  2. sorry I'm new to this, what do you mean by get another version? i know if your DLing a mod from Nexus for Fallout or Elder Scrolls or whatever there are often multiple versions to choose from, but the SL store appears to just has a "buy" button.
  3. I'm trying to use an avatar replacer ("free furry avatars" by Wingless Emoto) i had gotten it unpacked, but something went screwy, there is a customization item and it stopped working, clicking on it didnt do anything. so i deleted the files and got itagain from the store (there was a mess in the folders and i didnt know what was what anymore, stuff kept getting added and I dont know why) but now when i try to unpack the replacer in a sandbox, after i try opening it i just get a message that says theres nothing for me to copy to my inventory.
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