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  1. me? posting a human avatar? it's more likely than you think i recently finished this av and i love her so much Q_Q
  2. found a nice tourist-trap like place while playing GTFO, took some pics there
  3. This is mostly a peeve @ myself but whenever I forget to remove my group tag and notice 5 minutes too late that I've been wearing my rental's tag while out and about I feel like a crumpled piece of paper
  4. I arrive at the function and half of the buildings and decorations aren't there but I bump into them anyways
  5. This is more like 2 years instead of 10 but oh well :'D
  6. Feelin nosey... Imagine you have an infinite amount of lindens and land at your disposal. What do you do with it? Doesn't have to be realistic, can be outlandish as you please. I'd personally want to recreate the world from one of my favorite games in SL, I think it'd fit in a full region+connected homestead! I'd build it with maybe a friend or two and open it to the public to try and find others who enjoy the series. Plus I just got that itch to build, man.
  7. Funny how I can have a brain in SL but not in real life
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