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  1. Hi Guys, Is there a way to turn OFF the Auto response? I tried to untick it. but everytime i login the auto response is active. -Beth
  2. Thank you so much Skell and Fiona. I was worried the skin i paid is flawed :) This makes sense. Thank you so much...
  3. Hi Guys, Hope everyone is doing great. So I went with Maitreya Body and got Isla Skin from Leauge. All appliers and everything was purchased with the skin an used on my body. (sunkiss) Now the issue is sometimes i see patch on my face. Picture here: https://gyazo.com/f2624aeb9f0ad6a5807914c8b44dd498 https://gyazo.com/b941c2d871e0670fbe9a7fddb997a7e0 Other times I look completely fine like this: https://gyazo.com/11c9bb589b835d5be2ba1eabb0f44993 Here is the screenshot of what I am wearing from Isla Folder: https://gyazo.com/15dfadcc08f899c747cb02ad8e0de8e7 https
  4. Thank you so much Guys...I now know what i should look for Really appreciate all your help. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Guys, I am planning to buy maitreya body - (right now I have ebody classic but majority of designers dont make ebody clothes) and I want to keep my head from my classic AV. I have read in forums that to do so i can buy appliers for Classic AV from Glam Affair. Problem is I will be either be using Exotic or Indian Skin for Maitreya and i cannot find appliers for these two. OR is it option that I can buy full body skin? (for Classic AV head & Maitreya Body) Will that work? Please help :) -Beth
  6. Hi Guys, I want to turn off the heel sound. Can you please help me where I can find that option? -Heena
  7. thank you so much.. i really appreciate it Will check out the above options @animats Thanks again...
  8. Hello, I am beth. New in SL I want a small place to crash. -Beth
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