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  1. couldn't decide on an outfit for faded denim so have both \^o^/
  2. I know it's not somewhere I've been or anything because this is happening on my alt too, which is only a month old and has barely gone anywhere. How do I stop getting random notifications? Also I know there's a thread about this topic but I can't find it, sorry ><
  3. I like that there is variety in SL. I don't want just one beauty standard
  4. which viewer? I don't know much about the programming side of things, so I don't mean the viewer's shadows are "not working correctly". I'm an artist so I mean it in the sense that it isn't realistic. And I meant viewers like Firestorm and Alchemy at their highest settings.
  5. Posted this in the color challenge thread already but I really like this outfit ^o^
  6. Oh I'm very familiar with PS, but I don't want to have to manually draw in every shadow T_T I've noticed all viewers except for BD really suck at doing ambient occlusion.. no matter the settings. If the viewer could just do the shadows correctly in the first place it would just save me so much time I'll try WINE, but I remembered trying to instal WINE before for another game and it was a headache 🤔 Time to buy a windows computer LOL
  7. Still agonizing over the fact that Black Dragon doesn't work on Macs T_T
  8. From the store barberyumyum
  9. LOL Well they're raising the price because selling the products normally means the consumer gets to choose which item to buy. The reason why gachas generate money despite the low price is because you have to pay that low fee MULTIPLE times I think you already know that though?? I'm just having trouble understanding you >< Idk what you mean by stockpile. what are GPU scalpers?
  10. ooo~~ I actually really like this idea but I doubt they'd sell it at a regular gacha price (75). In fact it would probably be about $200, which is ok I guess
  11. Just wondering- assuming that the gacha creators will turn their gacha products into regular sale items (like regular stores) If I go and buy a ***** ton of gacha rn (usually $75 per item) and resell them when the gacha items turn full price (most products average around $300) for a discount ($80-$200), would that be profitable?
  12. When he says he is not interested in being a sugar daddy I'm guessing he doesn't want to pay the girl anything. Then he says he wants her to dress in specific ways with specific bodies. So the poor girl will have to pay for all of the things he's asking for while being submissive. Sounds like he wants a dress up sex doll but not willing to pay for it. I wonder if he isn't providing money, what is he contributing to the relationship? (If he is planning on paying the girl then disregard what I said)
  13. I wasn't sure whether to post this in viewers or here but it seemed the viewers thread was more troubleshooting/tech based. I have a Macbook Pro so I can't use Black Dragon. What are some other viewers good for photography?
  14. I AM SO TEMPTED! The body looks amazing...but the lack of clothing options really bother me. It's why I chose maitreya over legacy in the first place : (
  15. Hi!! I've maybe said this too many times but I am a professional digital artist who draws great portraits in RL (yes I know skins are made mostly from photobashing but I can do that too) I've never thought of starting a business in SL since I assumed it would be hella hard (I'm sure some of you are going to agree) BUT I just watched a Speed Skin Creation on youtube and I'm shocked. Maybe the youtuber did it with clever editing but it looked way easier than I thought! I've learnt basic Blender in college and so I assumed to make a skin you'd have to map the UV thing by hand or something but the youtuber just did it on photoshop 0.0 This is the video in question btw, so I'm hoping if someone with experience can lmk if the video is accurate to the difficulty level of making skins. With that being said, I still don't know a lot of what the youtuber was doing, how she mapped the texture just through photoshop, how to actually export it into SL, etc. I'm definitely very interested in this business now (and I hope I don't sound naive saying this ><) so if anyone is looking for a skin texture artist and is willing to train me I'd love to work with you! I can send you some of my digital work to prove that I can use photoshop
  16. UPDATE: for others wanting, I did find the original texture here Thanks everyone for helping XD I can be a little airheaded sometimes
  17. EDIT: No longer needed!! Creator gave a great solution Hi, so I fell head over heels in love with this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Scripted-Fairy-Wings-Butterfly-Blue/5594564 However it is quite old and so the texture is blurry. The creator doesn't seem to be interested in updating it either (I shot him an offer but waiting for response). Deliverables: something similar, but with a crisper texture. Iridescent-looking butterfly fairy wing textures on prims scripted to move when standing vs. when flying (I can buy you a copy of the OG wings so you can see how the wings flutter) and that's it no mesh involved! Payment: I'm willing to pay L$100 PLUS whatever you will charge for the it if you decide to sell it as a product. Paymeny is totally negotiable ^^ I'm also a professional digital artist IRL so if you need any assistance with finding images/creating the texture I'd be happy to help!
  18. I'm getting mixed information on this. To my understanding the Maitreya body mesh does not support booty physics, but I've read people suggest there are things you can buy to make it jiggle?
  19. Hi whenever you unbox things nowadays a message will pop up in local chat like, "XXX gave you 'PRODUCT. FATPACK (unpacked)'" or "All my items are in your inventory!". Can other people see it since it's in local chat? Why is it designed so? Do people want everyone around them to know what they're unboxing?
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