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  1. I'll check it out when I get home, but there's a chance I'll keep this one for a while. Feel free to visit. It's a short walk, but I know how much you hate walking so you can TP.
  2. You can only refresh and see the available homes once you have a premium account. You can't find a house and then sign up for premium to get it.
  3. This is your LL home. You don't get a home when you sign up for premium, you just get the privilege to own one. Sign up for premium and then try to get your Belli home.
  4. I believe everyone is hoping for Beluga Sound and Porthole. They are smaller regions but are mostly houseboats.
  5. I've seen this mentioned in multiple forum topics. Although quite a few people take off today for a 4 day weekend, the actual holiday is Monday.
  6. Thata why they make plastic bottles. Who has time for the bathroom?
  7. Has anyone seen or been inside one of these trailers? To be completely honest, I'm a little concerned over how well they'll function. I know it's personal preference, but I absolutely hate very small buildings where you have to struggle to get a good POV on your views and camera angles. For me, the new Traditional homes have rooms that are too small with walls that are too tight. I couldn't imagine living in anything smaller.
  8. I'm really curious as to what type of business this is and how popular is the brand. From first glance, this seems beyond ridiculous and appears to be nothing more than a money grab by a bad business owner. You're being forced to advertise someone else's product and paying to do it. I don't believe it was mentioned, but are there any actual benefits to being in the group? I haven't had a business in a while, but have been thinking of reopening a store. You can bet I wouldn't act this way.
  9. I'm a guy that's been here going on 13 years. I have never voiced and have never once asked anyone else to voice. I don't have anything against it, but its definitely not a requirement.
  10. I just accidentally got a house in Rothacker while testing something. I won't be able to abandon it for another 4 hours. With my luck, they'll release Porthole today and I'll just have to sit and watch while you all scarf up the good locations.
  11. I agree and think we are actually performing a service for the community. There's a huge group of people that can't be online when the releases happen and they would never have an opportunity to get a place in one of the newer regions if we weren't grabbing them during release and abandoning them hours later.
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