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  1. I really, REALLY wanted BOM for my face. =w= So I just decided to change everything. x3 Whatcha guys think? I'm a little back and forth on the ears. O:
  2. I'll be the first to admit that my necklace is glitching through my neck cause of the animation. ._. But, I was too excited to share that I got a second zooby. =w= And like children do, it was not easy for the life of me to get this shot because these little bundles kept being so fussy! *rolls eyes*. So, regardless of the clipping, I wanted to show off Miyo's new sister, Rini. n_n
  3. I agree that there could be issues with two separate makers creating two different parts of the same skin, but in regards to Studio Exposure (the skin makers for Tres Beau head skins), I don't personally see any differences in the two parts. ^^; I think the two align near perfectly, at least just as perfectly as singular makers who create both the head and body skin themselves. Windlights often play a big role in how the over all appearance of a skin looks, tho. The quote you quoted me just now: Was in regards to the Boheme skins Aloyna Su had mentioned trying. The creator makes both the body and the head skin, but the body skin was a bit lacking in good and interesting detail as opposed the head skin.
  4. I see whatcha mean about the tan lines thing. I don't personally mind them myself, but I can see where they may be annoying to others. >< they are gorgeous skins tho, but I don't see them updating the design anytime soon--i could be wrong tho! They had a body update I think...about a year ago? Or near there, and the ones available now are the result. I imagine if they do anything new with the bodies it's to offer BOM versions. But it is annoying that the face skins aren't in the Studio Exposure store anymore. They all use to be in the same place and it made it easier to shop. >×< I guess all these makers are just trying to make us work for our beauty. -.- In regards to the shape+skin photo, I can see where the eyes are a little off from the display. I don't always use the default shape myself, and I'm sure I personally tweaked the shape when I got all of it anyway. Head shapes are less annoying to me to fix than my body shape when I buy new personalizations. =×= Quality, tho, I never thought it suffered, at least when I manipulated my windlights. >w<
  5. I actually had a similar experience and conclusion yesterday. >< I got curious about the skins because I really want BOM for my head, so I finally went myself to the store and bought the body, and a head skin even, because I thought the body image displays looked good and, well, pretty Flickr pictures. =w=. (Also, I play that high risk game of 'rarely demoing', with everything just cause I'm silly and I just hate the demo process. ><) But I was extremely disappointed in the body skin as well. >< I was a bit mad when I had opened the package and saw that there wasnt an actual skin for the 'chubby' version that I wanted to use and instead it was a tat add on, that was alright. It was essentially a wider belly button of a black hole, tbh. ._. But making it a tat attachment was kinda lazy to me. >< It was disappointing, given the faces, for the quality to be lacking in the bodies.
  6. I believe it's this hair:
  7. In regards to the thread topic, I'd like to recommend one more store that I had forgotten about: Boheme Skins. They came across my flickr feed of people I follow and I got reminded of them. >< there isn't a huge selection of 'Asian' from this maker, but def one to look out for since they're at least making some. Here's an example of one of their finished Asian looking skins: And this is the latest Flickr entree and kiiiinda reminded me of you for whatever reason, @Alyona Su. It's a WIP at the moment, but I still wanted to bring it to your attention. C= from my understanding, all parts of her skins are BOM.
  8. I was a bit confused at first, but then I realized if it said something like: 'Head/BOMeyes,body' it meant it was an alpha for the head only and the eyes and body were what you were going to target for BOM. So, whatever comes after the placement of 'BOM' in the alpha description is what part of the body will not be hidden by the alpha, since you have to keep whatever part you're applying BOM to alpha-free. (Unless I...got that backwards. Bp) As for the rest of how the head works in relation to BOM and appliers, I found this to be particularly useful: https://lelutkasl.com/evolution-line-female-head/ Though I'm not an expert in the head by any means, or BOM for that matter, I'd still be happy to try and help people out if they have any questions or just need to vent, so feel free to reach out to me in world if you catch me on. ♡
  9. Pepe seems to have made a shift to pushing her latest skin, which has a 'Chubby' appearance, referenced as Curvy V2, I think. It's in beta release at the moment and it has BOM layers for the body and if you purchase now you get a 'complimentory head skin for Genus' that is an applier...n_n (why it's not BOM as well I have no earthly idea and think it was kinda silly because ya got the body in there. -.- maybe because Genus hadn't released BOM yet, but still. U: Can't complain too much myself, I guess. I use the head skin and love it. ><) Unfortunately she changed her skin tone pallet up with V2 and all original tones got noticeably darker. Supposedly she's reverting colors back to the old series or making the current ones lighter, eventually...supposidly...n.n I'm sure it was to help give the detail that's in the new skins to them, but none of her older head skins match the new ones now. -.- As for her older body skins, I think if you purchase the head skins the body appliers are suppose to be in there with the head skin purchase for skins V0 and V1? I could be wrong, but I know she has some small text signs in random places throughout the store that reference where the older body skins are. I'm unsure if her older skins got or are getting BOM updates since her biggest focus seems to be the Curvy skin right now and producing head skins to match it. >< I personally really loved her Yaya face skin. ._. ANYWUT. I totally agree that this thread could be an awesome place to keep track of some of the newer Asian-esq skin releases. Or an inspiration for a thread that for sure keeps up with that topic. U:
  10. If you're using the Firestorm viewer, one of the most recent updates (I think the one that allowed viewing bakes on mesh) had a known bug that caused these lines. I get them often, personally. It's not so bad when I'm not doing close ups of things, certain angles (most similar to the ones in your awesome pics), and with certain windlights. Sometimes I can control them a little playing with various shadow settings before I take my pics, but it's always situational and not something that always works. I've heard some people have rolled their Firestorm viewer back to an older version and it eliminates them. Supposedly it's an issue being worked out tho. If you have the patience for it, Black Dragon viewer is amazing for photos. Lots of fun things you can do in it and there's never been an instance, for me at least, where I've had the weirdo lines.
  11. I don't believe the ones I recommended are available in BOM. I own the first one I suggested, but I got it a long time ago and it only had appliers then. I don't recall receiving an update with BOM layers. It's totally possible there are BOM layers now with Tres Beau skins, but I couldn't honestly tell you. I personally use Pepe skins and just remembered Tres Beau. (And now that I think about it, Pepe has some Asian skins too with her V1 and V0 skins. >< )
  12. Here's a couple of skins for suggestion (these are both for Genus): And this maker has a few other 'Asian' skins. I think even a few for Catwa heads if you decide Genus isn't your thing.
  13. I bought the Erin head from their new collection, and I may go back and get Nova just cause it's on sale. >< just have them ready in case my skin maker I'm using decides to suddenly make for one of those two heads. But the new Lelutka heads are the best. ♡ And BOM isn't hard. I was a little intimidated by it myself. But the process is simply removing the alpha layer and attaching all the system layer stuff like attachments, and wa la! For this picture, tho, I was testing BOM for the first time and was pleasantly surprised when I learned I could use appliers with BOM? I didn't know that was a thing--but the tats are applied using Belleza appliers and their locations semi coordinated with the Belleza body HUD. The skin, body blemishes, and chest hole thing are all BOM. Unfortunately I'm still using all appliers for my Genus even tho BOM was released for it. >< just got to wait for Pepe to make that head skin BOM. ._.
  14. This is me, today, being obnoxious and taking a picture of only myself at Catchan's house. n_n
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