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  1. The teleporters are open to "public" so I would think it shouldn't matter. I also didn't think you could deed items, such as those
  2. Hello Might be a noob thing but... *shrugs* I tried 3 different types of teleporters and keep getting the same result....the pads will only work if I am online and on the sim. No one in the group has access until I am right there with them. Sim is on commercial land and the land is deeded to the group Any help/advice would be most appreciated
  3. I have received more than enough responses to this, thank you to those who contacted me I don't see a way to close or lock the this thread so I'll just make note that I found what/who I was looking for. So...ignore this thread 😛
  4. I did request an IM here, then said or contact me in world. My mistake, using IM rather than PM but thanks
  5. I am considering opening a business and am looking to speak with someone who has knowledge of set up and whatnot and would be interested in a new venture. Yeeees it would be in the "sex industry" so obviously you have to be ok with that. I am in the US, East Coast. I would be easy to work with as I am laid back and enjoy laughing and having fun, but I also know when to get down to business. I also learn pretty quickly Please contact me by IM, NOT as a reply to this thread, if you are interested in talking more. Or contact minnxey in world. Thanks
  6. Understood. And many thanks for the response ?
  7. LMAO!!! omg thank you....that was a great start to my morning Ride hard! lol
  8. I have made rounds and most mc lands are all but dead. Like; no one there at all. I've gone to some biker bars that had some people at least but I did notice most of them were partnered, I'm not looking for "taken" men; I'm not a homewrecker lol Never thought it would be this hard to find "my kinda fun" in a fantasy world lol Thanks for the reply and have a great day ?
  9. Yea, seems like the mc world in sl is kinda dead and what there is, is more females than males But on the chance there are still male dominated mcs and by some miraculous chance someone in one is looking at these boards...I am looking to be a pass around. I like to have fun and this is the best kind :p No commitments, no drama, no jealousy and no game playing,. Just free and easy fun
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