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  1. Found the issue. It wasn't caused by the http request, it was caused by llOwnerSay. I wasnt checking if the response from the request was null, so it appeared as though it was the http request making the effect. I shall mark as closed.
  2. It is the default "some kind of interaction", yes. However if someone is wearing the object I don't want it to do this because it's silly and basically makes the item unusable.
  3. Issue is now resolved - Thank you Hello all, I've searched in a lot of places and can't seem to find an answer. I have an object that makes several HTTP Requests via llHttpRequest, the problem is that every time it does there seems to be some kind of default "particle" animation consisting of white dots (see image). They appear every single time a request gets made, and it occurs when attached to an avatar or rezzed. Only the owner of the object can see their own objects' particles, but I really need to disable them. I have tried: llParticleSystem([]); Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
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