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  1. Sorry for bother here but im having the issue now i can stay logged for more than aminute and somethimes second i was playing without porblem for month and today my game is like this the pc is connected with cable but i cant connect , but if i use m uncle wifi i can use lumiya without porblem. The router is new but as i said didnt have porblem for month and now this
  2. well trying diff think in my house we share internet with my uncle, my uncle have the principal router and i have a modem, If i connect my phone to the wifi router the game doenst disconect but whit the modem yes, so i cant pplay it on the pc or use the wifi if i want to use lumiya, Dont know how the ***** fix it
  3. maybe hope this is no permanent sice i not use sl just for fun i dj host and sell art for earn some dolars
  4. made the tracert here the screenshot new info: Using my Lte internet on phone doenst make my game disconect on lumiya but my with the internet yes wifi or cable
  5. Hi Yesterday i was playing really normal, i Dj and host on the pc as usual. When i finish i connect on my Lumiya app and i notice that was disconecting evry second or minutes, Tought was the app. Today i enter to my game and happen the same, after a second or minutes my game disconect. Try with diff Viewrs same, I checked the Statistics Bar and no packet lose and 230ms (this go up and down ) FPS 45 the band i give it is the maximun 1500 little less. But a moment to another the band go to okbs and the game forzz and disconect after a minute. I was playing normal until yesterday. I restarted the modem but same, Change graphics(dont think is a problem have core i7 and gtx 1070) but same it keeps disconecting no matter whats this is my stat to south america to california. This to photos are from my internet connectionand my connection with california
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