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  1. Hmmmmmm? Giano Estates Belleview Estates Pleasant Hope Estate Greensboro Estates These are some pretty good places
  2. I'm using my alt rn its Elysiaiscute
  3. Oh really, Wow that was fast thanks you can message me ingame Amberiskawaii
  4. Hi My name is Amber and i'm from japan i'm new to second life and i'm looking for new friends and family tbh i don't really care who or what at this point this game can get really Boring at times when alone, So i really would love a best friend or a mother, father, sister or brother I will even accept a pet I would really appreciate it. But anyway i would love to do some Shopping, Dancing,Maybe we could even call. I really like to rp i'm a really shy and sweet person or as i like to say KAWAII~
  5. Heyo!, I'm 14 yr old girl. Maybe we can work something out, I will pm you inworld later
  6. Well uhm, I rp as a 15 yr old girl. If that's okay?
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