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  1. Persian Sir not Arabic :l any way if gov. is not happy with my logging in , so how could i login B4 happening that error while their policy was as same as now I'm here to simulate and learn how this scary Inc decode and loot people very easy. NOT 4 Playing 10 q yesterday's Student , 2days destroyer of suckers life(SL) , 2morrows second Steve Jobs in near future( in 2027
  2. My Net and firewall setting is as same when i had no issue but after long time it appears again My router is wired i reinstalled SL viewer ticket advisor told me to connect to linden server for downloading folders to fix issue but nothing could be dl ed , then advised me to call my isp which told me that every thing is right ? PLEASE QUICK and refrain repetitive solutions
  3. that login issue returned again after long time passes after adding ticket , Linden's advisor told me to contact my ISP which was useless at all do u have any other Solution ? thanks Terminator of linden in 2027
  4. I think my ISP is guilty , cuz it doesn'T allow my connection to Linden servers via it's net. AM I RIGHT ?
  5. I've ran a traceroute and all things U advised , but what happened ? How 2 solve this ?
  6. thanks 4 this useful reply BUT Will my outfits and apparels be deleted from my avatar , after clearing the cache ?
  7. Hi GUYS ( JUST GUYS ) ENOUGH !! let's be serious Why SL viewer doesn't let me enter ? Does this issue relate to my region where is far away from linden servers ? (If yes But I could login SL Yesterday !!!!!!!!!!! ? ) Should I upgrade my hardware or O.s ? ? Should I clear cache of SL in my hard disk ? What should I do ? ................................ ?
  8. None of your bussiness Shikobaa 's bussiness !!!!!!!!!!
  9. how people R confused while i explaine e thing clearly ? please try some iq tests to improve that. sorry 4 those misarable reaction
  10. salam mellate Azize persian & baradaran & khaharaye mohtaram it is common problem and it doesn't relate to your location or ISP and it was mine , but i fixed it here i wanna to help u how I could fix it IN SL VIEWER LAUNCHER first of all , try Psiphone'S latest Version by the below URL https://s3.amazonaws.com/psiphon/web/mjr4-p23r-puwl/en/download.html#direct second : if your Psiphone is OK , so just try another location to log in if U have SL Viewer third : be 4 every thing clear all of your caches in your Computer by the below pattern :open SL VIEWER >>>me>>>>>Preferences>>>>>> Advanced>>>>>>select all of the text in the cache location and copy it>>>>> paste it in your my computer's LONG search bar where U can C computer logo and be sure that u do NOT mistake it with the SERCH COMPUTER BAR»»»»»»»»»»» shift del all of them from R- bin. brotherly advice : DO NOT Turn Win Firewall OFF , even if U C the hint from SL to do it , cause they want to access to your personal data and crash your G-card to keep your G card safe from SL's G card crasher follow the Video : forth :if after those three previous hints , still U have problem , reinstall SL viewer after unistalling it by REGESTRY and shift del all caches and files related S.L and re start your modem and even your win if still any problem U can let me know or go to the below address : https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new Wish U the best sincerly to my Persian bro and sis who wait 4 Persian'S glorious technical future Progress till we will be At the climax YA ALI KHODA NEGAHDAR
  11. That was NOT thread hon just one of future technical plan and revealing the reality of SL do not judge people esp when u don'T know how to judge them :
  12. 1ST ? = YES 2ND=NO BUT I REPLUG IT BY HAND 3RD=IT IS WIRED IT WAS NOT THREAD BUT MY FUTURE PLAN 4 CREATING PL ( = Persian life) in my future researches.
  13. no it is still a live but previous is on hold and is it possible to try different region when U reinstall Viewer & all caches were deleted ?
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