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  1. Persian Sir not Arabic :l any way if gov. is not happy with my logging in , so how could i login B4 happening that error while their policy was as same as now I'm here to simulate and learn how this scary Inc decode and loot people very easy. NOT 4 Playing 10 q yesterday's Student , 2days destroyer of suckers life(SL) , 2morrows second Steve Jobs in near future( in 2027
  2. My Net and firewall setting is as same when i had no issue but after long time it appears again My router is wired i reinstalled SL viewer ticket advisor told me to connect to linden server for downloading folders to fix issue but nothing could be dl ed , then advised me to call my isp which told me that every thing is right ? PLEASE QUICK and refrain repetitive solutions
  3. that login issue returned again after long time passes after adding ticket , Linden's advisor told me to contact my ISP which was useless at all do u have any other Solution ? thanks Terminator of linden in 2027
  4. I think my ISP is guilty , cuz it doesn'T allow my connection to Linden servers via it's net. AM I RIGHT ?
  5. I've ran a traceroute and all things U advised , but what happened ? How 2 solve this ?
  6. thanks 4 this useful reply BUT Will my outfits and apparels be deleted from my avatar , after clearing the cache ?
  7. Hi GUYS ( JUST GUYS ) ENOUGH !! let's be serious Why SL viewer doesn't let me enter ? Does this issue relate to my region where is far away from linden servers ? (If yes But I could login SL Yesterday !!!!!!!!!!! ? ) Should I upgrade my hardware or O.s ? ? Should I clear cache of SL in my hard disk ? What should I do ? ................................ ?
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