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  1. Hi all I am tired by doing DJ at none Traffic places.... I play Random music and voice! I am using Mixx and already has Stream account. Every Friday 10am - 12pm I am doing DJ at Miliena Doll Creation which I never walk away less then 700 Lindens on a show. My music is insane just like me lol hahahaha!!! I love Parties and giving people a good feeling! I Always start with random 90's up to country and at the end keeping the best for last with good mixed music and old school rock! Anyhow! Yes I do voice and I am from South Africa as a Wheelchair guy in Real Life. hahahaha Never judge a disabled guy by the cover of a book! I will give you a awesome 2 hours time set Wikusm1987 or Wik1987 (Which I have change my name last week sometime)
  2. 7 Wonderful houses to rent out! 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 living room, dinner and kitchen area plus u get 175prim for only 163per Week also you have a beautiful view in front of you with sunset and blue calm water! All Ages may stay here on the farm Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadows Forest/71/157/21
  3. Hi This land has not have much prim but it's fine for small business or even to have a Family Home! Children Friendly! U could ask me if u need other music on land and I would kindly do so for u! I don't use 1000 prim so I am willing to share it for only L$950 weekly with u
  4. Hi I have 1000 prim which I never use on my farm... So I turn it into skybox parcel... It's 1000 prim for L$950 Weekly! Children Friendly or use it for ur business but no clubbing! If u wish to rent it by my then pop a kindly message Only L$950 weekly! u can tell me which music link u wish to listen on land which I have no problem at all! the skybox really private for u or ur family Message Wikusm1987
  5. Wikusm1987


    Good Day everyone!!! I have a hospital in sl. Which we do role play and let u feel the real world feeling when u pregnant with mama allpa… We do check up's and we do X-ray to see if u having a boy or girl! If u pregnant and need help or u would like to get pregnant in sl then this is the hospital for you! We also Donate Sperm by helping ur avatar to get pregnant or even accepting babies for adoption if u feel like bringing ur baby for us and we find a good home for him or her I have also good nurses who will assist u with ur birth. Contact me if u wanna know more and I will kindly assist u. IM Wikusm1987
  6. Hi people I am on Adult Land and have a list of workers I need... I need Real Hard Workers on my Farm willing to grow with us in the business! I have a Tiny Club too which I need DJ's, Host, Escorts and Dancers! As Well I am a builder for houses if somebody would like to learn and be part of that too.. I also have Woman clothes which we sell so I need a person in the Sale area! We got a Hospital too on the same land if u would like to learn that and be nurse or doctor for our hospital! IM So that I could explain everything to u in which job u would like to be part in :) Hope to hear about u soon Contact IM : Wikusm1987
  7. Wikusm1987


    Hi I am DJ Wik. I have done weddings and 21st birthday and 50th birthday party in real life... If you decide to get married in SL I would love to assist you! I firstly come and meet you and then we decide on music together meaning you're opening dance floor song and which music you want on you're wedding. I like to keep my people happy because it's you're wedding day!! We can talk about the payment and how any hours you would wish me to be part on ur Big Day!!! Just keep in mind on each wedding I do special playlist for you and you're partner so that will take time to do... IM wikusm1987
  8. Wikusm1987


    After teaching myself how to get the broadcast and how to connect to SL! I am so ready to become a DJ!!!! I use to do weddings in real life and 21st and 50th bday! So playing in a club would be so great I am affordable for private events too! IM wikusm1987
  9. Proudly South Africa! Hereby I am teaching anyone to speak Afrikaans... Our very proud language and would love to teach u! To do so.... I would prefer via Voice to learn u how to say the words and pronouns it correctly. IM Wikusm1987 for a session
  10. Good Day! I am Wikusm1987 and really like to work in sl. I am friendly, Honest, and yes working hard! I were a dancer and bartender and also had my own farm in DFS. But after I sold my farm. I would love to try out new things and make u proud when u hire me! I am from South Africa and yes I do voice too... I currently breed with dragons and other animals but the rest of the time I am free! Yes and please train me what ever job u got for me. I am not a picky person.. So please I am seeing forward to anyone IM and grow with u in ur business :D
  11. Farmers needed please... It's fun and u learn a lot as u work! We give a basic start salary each month for a start. To farm takes lots of time and it's not something to get rich over night... I will kindly interview u and give u training and then u start to work. We cook and do animal food. Tending field, water field and harvest fields. Crafting as well and we go to auctions has a team.. Please don't message me if u not willing to become a serious worker for me... This could be you're full time job! Please IM me for interview on Second Life Wikusm1987
  12. Hello People. I truly hope that everyone has a wonderful day? I am offering Real Life Farm Work in SL. Meaning we tending fields, We replant fields and also we water everything in the garden. We also do Cooking which is fun to do and a bit crafting like making chairs and tables... We also do water buckets and barrels to make sure our water tank stay full.. Yes u will need a Hud for doung this work which I will set u up and give u training.. I do stay in South Africa so if I don't respond on here... I'll get back to in the IM or even if u wanna know more about the job you could find me on snapchat. All I really need in this job is trust and honesty.. I would like a good team work and the more you as a worker do the more you will earn! Yes I pay each worker Monthly Only! Remember it might be a low rate for those who's longer in second life.. But the more we do the faster we grow and I will pay u more for putting extra time in ur job! I need more or less 3 hours of ur time but if u can do more that will be Super Great!!! Hope to hear from you soon or having a interview with u IM Wikusm1987 Snapchat wikusm2
  13. I am giving each and everyone a chance to earn... They come and go as they like... We setting up the rooms nice and bathroom IF the dancers decide by doing escort work.. They more then welcome to use any rooms. Plus also we sell clothes and skype or like I said voice would be allow too... All I care about that the dancers or anyone who works on my farm could feel free without any boring rules about hours when to start when to finish... Each person should set they own time which will be better for them. I am a relax guy and will kindly interview anyone and also let they explore the building as they wish... No need to be long in sl if people can come and go as they like and bring they clients over New or old avatars are welcome. Most people ask like you must be a month or 3 old to work here.. But as long you feel like this is a job for you then I won't stand in ur way... All I want is for you to enjoy the building and enjoying ur job without any stress... We all respect each other and also when you IM me I have more time by answering u back... I am a proud DFS Farmer which will explain to u why I am hardly on here... That's the reason why I said IM me..... Sometimes my work as a farmer get really busy BUT I always keep my eyes on the IM while I do my things.. Have a great day everyone
  14. As you read the Advert.... It said IM me.... I am hardly here by reply to all. But No Drake1 duh won't be at the same time! Visitors got a Choice if they would like you message the girl or voice her in our place. Go look for lace & Garters Premier Female Entertainment then you will understand what I mean... you dance and also voice with clients which we have no problems! As long you earn a great 80% tipjar for you're self and keep the visitors happy! Thanks and Regards Wikusm1987
  15. Good Day!!! We would like to hiring new people who would LOVE to work on a farm! We do planting tending field water field brush animals cooking making alcohol Please our first interview would be voice active! Even if you can't voice we would like you to listen while we do the interview with you live!!!! For us it's not a game it's real life earning as we grow bigger!!! IM wikusm1987
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