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  1. Krazy Kobold's Art Gallery GRAND OPENING

    Saturday, July 21st at 9pm

    New art gallery opening featuring an Alice in Wonderland exhibit! Come experience the wonderland. We provide you with beauty without the Krazy price!

    Looking for artists to apply to show at this location, please apply in game at the gallery. 

    Please direct any questions to RoboldtheKobold





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  2. I just think if you are bugging people with it, its rude... And by that I mean, who started the interaction? Were they minding their business and you ran up to them and started randomly rping at them? Then that's annoying and rude lol. But if they started an interaction with you, I think that is way more of a gray area. Kinda have to feel it out with each interaction... So just to be safe, keep it to rp areas ;)

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  3. Hello there :D I'm just getting back to SL after a long break. I could definetly use some folks to talk to. Next time I'm on, ill shoot you and IM. Hopefully you don't mind Kobolds that ramble a lot lol :P

  4. Hello! 

    My name is Robold! I have recently come back to the SL community after many years away. I would like to find some people to chat with while i explore. My passion is definitely art (Im in the process of opening up a gallery) and love to talk about it. I'm a pretty laid back kobold though, i could probably talk about anything... Id be happy to hear from anyone really! IM me and we can grab a drink together and ramble! 


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