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  1. Added a few more trees and bushes, plus some patches of Ground Ivy from [Dysfunctionality] Still have 58LI to play with
  2. Update. Decided to remove the large patches of grass, and a few smaller ones. Leaving parts of the ground bare
  3. My Trailer plot at Sassafras, seen from different view points
  4. The Little Vampires Trailer Credits Inner shell consists of the Anachron Full Perms Shoji Set 5. Plus some simple prim panels with a plain black wood texture from Chromatic Effects Decor in House *SQ* Gothique Living Set Violetility - Coffin Chaise Silver [PG] [we're CLOSED] metal lantern hanging 2 Soy. Reed Screen [Sudare] Dark -Down Indolent Blood Candles Soy. Vacant Frame (blackset) - Resized, and I got the images from Google
  5. @Peony Swee*****er @Elena Core Thank you! I recently returned to my little vampire look. So I wanted a wild and overgrown type look Also. You can't really tell by looking at the images. But, my camper is situated within a dip, so from certain viewpoints. It's almost hidden from view
  6. Been doing some work on my little camper plot Credits From Studio Skye Trees. From the V3 Enchanted Woods - Four Season Trees Grasses. From the Wild Grass Collection From [DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality [DDD] Fluffy Ferns [DDD] Soft Grass Set From Mesh Plants Wild Bushes Pack
  7. A lot of my latest outfits have all been from Krankhaus. As I've found. A lot of his tops, will work with the Rei's Stuff Jiggle Puffs
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