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  1. 8 hours ago, Isobel Avedon said:

    What do you do for fun when youre not in a club? 

    Here are some ideas:

    Open SL's first Morris Day & The Time museum

    Dress up in a 2009 system AV, go to an infohub and pretend to be an ancient bot

    Go to SL church

    Host a 'gacha destruction' art event, where you rez rare gacha items and then delete them as an anti-capitalist gesture

    Voice call random people and ask them when last names are coming back


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  2. Yes, you can make your bots do anything, they are your slaves to use as you will. 

    You can make them farm, or even log on eight and have them do construction. They can turn up at clubs with 3 mins to go before the contest ends and vote for each other and win the money for you. You can make them sit on mopeds and honk their horns and push people around the sim, shouting "MAMMA MIA" on loop. 

    Give bots a chance.

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    - LL completely removes the ability to stream music (including all private DJs and radio stations) and video inworld...


    - SL gets to keep streaming but, every 10 minutes inworld, your viewer will run a 30-second-long commercial, taking up the whole screen and without any 'skip' option.

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    - SL introduces a new universal surname, SLUser, which is rolled out overnight for ALL accounts (existing and new) Same first names are automatically numbered (ie: Ceka Cianci and Ceka McMasters could become Ceka7 SLUser and Ceka23 SLUser).


    - SL introduces a charge of 50L per teleport



  5. EITHER:

    * For a whole year, every time you log in, you have to look after a spoilt brat child AV named Gunther.

    If Gunther summons you, you MUST take his TP and hang out with him. He won't ever ask you for money, but he may require you to spend your inworld time  accompanying him to child-clothing boutiques, or to parties with his obnoxious friends. That means, if you're set to DJ at a RFL event and Gunther decides he wants you to join him in a sandbox for three hours of playing with a fart HUD and gestures, you have to go. If you're invited to a gallery opening and Gunther feels lonely, you have to TP him in and introduce him as being in your care, even if he's rude to your friends and embarrasses you.

    You may NOT evade him by logging onto an alt. You may NOT avoid SL.


    * For a whole year, you must go Ruth/Male Noob.

    Your inventory will be totally inaccessible, except for the torch and beach ball. Any money you spend on shapes, skins, clothes, etc, will be wasted. Whatever you do on SL for 12 months, you MUST do it as a complete Noob avatar.


    So, what would be worse?


  6. On 15/06/2018 at 8:57 PM, Zonez said:

    I have been in a cuckold relationship before and enjoyed it very much but my wife had to leave SL for RL issues.

    I would like to find someone familiar or interested in learning about it. My online profile explains a bit more.  My normal SL

    time is 9pm - 11pm SL time. This is not about findom or being a sugar daddy. I enjoy spoiling my wife but it is not

    something that should be demanded. Buying her sexy clothes to wear with a bull is very erotic. Please send me a

    message in SL if you would like to discuss in detail.

    I have a female AV but am male in RL, is this OK?

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