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  1. Thank you for responding and trying to help At the risk of sounding completely retarded, I still dont quite understand lol I have a bento blow up mouth that is HUD controlled and I want to somehow attach the hud to my body so that others may click that area to control my HUD themselves... do you know how to do this?
  2. I have seen multiple avis with floating text above their head that says click my head for different things. Also I have seen where you can click on a specific area on the body to access a HUD, like, bento blow up mouth HUD. How are these things done?
  3. I trying to figure out if/how I can upload video clips that I've saved from gyazo into SL. The format is mp4. I know that needs to be converted, but I'm not sure to what. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. The TOS do not seem to prohibit that type of RP. Shocking SL folks seems nearly impossible, so that wasn't the goal. I simply wanted others opinions and maybe to find folks that might be interested as well
  5. I wasn't aware that anyone in SL could even be shocked ... i certainly can't lol
  6. Wow, that actually doesnt sound like a bad idea... between my partner breeding with his slaves and an "adoption agency" we would be able to host many more feeding parties and supply the rare and delicious "baby nectar"... thank you so much for a great idea !!!
  7. What a great story !!! I love to hear about people living out their SL lives doing what usually seems strange to most others. It makes me smile. Thanks for your comment
  8. Ewww... absolutely not... im talking strictly consumption here, vampires, not perverts!!! As for the BYOC party, if I get enough people interested, we may do just that
  9. Oh sure reactions will be real. But as long as people respect someone elses right to live their SL life as they choose, that shouldn't be an issue.. I was looking for any thoughts on whether it would violate any SL rules, as I couldn't find anything to indicate that it would... others opinions are respected, but not at all needed. I wont let reactions of other people deter my activities in SL.
  10. After reading the TOS I dont see anything that says you cant do this, so I thought I check here next... The question is, is there anything against vampires/demons,etc breeding with their slaves, to have prim babies to feed on? Remember, before all the self righteous comments, this is just RP, not for real...
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