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  1. Acacia Falls is 15 Regions and based on modern day. We use a telehub for realism and also do not allow flying. www.acaciafalls.com
  2. Hi there. I own a RP Community and we are looking into outsourcing our school. Would you be interested in taking over our facility? You can contact Ramesh SIngh in world
  3. They are on the region called Whispering Mountain - ask any admin for help
  4. Have you checked out the stables at Acacia Falls?
  5. Acacia Falls hospital is hiring at the moment
  6. Acacia Falls, you can RP here and do not have to rent space.
  7. Hi Thomas trying to reach you. You can IM Ramesh Singh as well
  8. Acacia Falls enables Beyou and Life2 experiences if that makes a difference too you
  9. Acacia Falls PD is looking for a new Captain! We are a Family RP Community with 12 regions and in need of a "beefing" up of our police force with the amount of residents in town. We are also hiring detectives and officers. Fill out an application at www.acaciafalls.com/support
  10. Acacia Falls Family RolePlay Community Come Visit the best Family RP community, recently expanded again to 12 SIMS. We even have an adjacent Adult RP Sim ( Owned by someone else), that is connected via ferry Our 11 sim community is just what you're looking for. ASK ABOUT OUR MOVE IN SPECIALS!! RENT ONE WEEK ON ANY HOME, CONDO, APARTMENT, OR COMMERCIAL SPACE AND GET ONE WEEK FREE!!! ---MUST MENTION THIS AD AND FREE WEEK WILL BE APPLIED TO NEW RENTALS ONLY.! Fixed Rates at 1.5 L per prim at all locations. Choose from our pre-set Housing or bring your own home (Conditions Apply) ▶ King's BarCade for Family Fun. ▶ Singh's Automotive Headquarters ▶ Motorcycle Club ▶ Mafia needs associates Water Park just opened! ▶ Fully Functional Radio Station down town. ▶ Ability to set your own Radio Streams at home. ▶ Parcel Privacy available, ▶ Adjacent Adult RP Area for those who are so inclined. ▶ PD and FD Hiring as well as many other RP jobs ▶ All walks of life welcome furries, Robots, and human. ▶ Hospital, Local Clinic and Midwife Service ▶ Community with a fresh look on things. ▶ Limited LIFE2 & BEYOU compatibility already present, you are welcome to add more! ▶ Shops and Homes available ! Come set up a store in our business district! RP or actual Sales Welcome. ▶Working City Government in Place ▶Kayak, Swimming, Jetskies on the newly expanded "Acacia Lake" and "Paradise Point" ▶Bring your boat over and take a sail! ▶Concert Stage for bands too use ( Local band Performs) ▶7Seas Fishing ▶ Hiring PD, FD, Medical, School, DOT, Animal Clinic and Many More local businesses ▶Acacia Falls, Always Beautiful, Always Evolving Always getting better.◀ ?
  11. Acacia Falls have a orphanage that is active in helping find families!
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