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  1. If you haven’t found it yet, the leg can be found at HILU’s mainstore.
  2. I know that this is insanely old but how are people being selfish for wanting to enjoy their SL? Not everyone wants to be involved and that's something that players should respect. Although the bite request thing seems to be gone (I assume? I've never played so I don't know) SOME not all, players still take things a bit too far. I had one fellow literally argue me down about joining. I ended up having to block him because he couldn't wrap his head around the fact that what's fun for some may not be fun for others. I've had numerous moments where I've been griefed by players using scripts to either trap me in place or attach and follow me around so they can 'feed'. By no means am I saying that all players should be banned from everything but I do think that players should at least try to keep the RP amongst themselves or in sims that are designated for that particular game.
  3. My friends and I would always chase the persistent ones around. Now if I catch one creeping up on me while I'm in a sandbox working, I'll either just IM them and let them know that I'm aware of the game and wish to be left alone or if that doesn't work, I just give them a little kick (literally) that nudges them back a few feet just to let them know that I want to be left alone. 😂
  4. The only things that I find to be a wee bit annoying are getting thrashed about or pushed off of platforms whenever they get into fights (Which can be fixed with movelock or just sitting thankfully but is still a bit annoying at times) and then of course being stalked for my precious pixel blood. I don't know about others but I almost always either have someone follow me while I'm working on something or working on my avatar (completely blocking my field of view 🤦‍♀️) in a few rare occasions I've actually had some use follower attachments to latch onto me. Fun times indeed lol.
  5. I too would like to know how to do this as I am trying to make a full body tattoo including an applier for feet
  6. Found em! Turns out it was the name that was throwing me off! 😂
  7. I just left a 2 star review on a product not too long ago merely because it did not fit the body that it was intended to fit. I never said anything nasty, snarky or mean I literally just stated that while it looked good in quality, the product clipped very badly thus making it unusable. The merchant then jumped into my IM's sending me two lengthy paragraphs lecturing me about about how they were so upset that they had to "wake up to a bad review" and that "they're only human" and what not when what I said wasn't even written offensively. They then sent me another version of the product followed by another IM telling me to remove my review without even checking to see if what they sent was even a correct fit (which it wasn't). They sent me another version and I let them know that I removed the review because the product worked. I'm one who always tries to be fair and only leave a low rating if the product is absolutely unusable but I am always willing to remove it if need be. I didn't think to send them a notecard because in my experience I rarely get responses from people that way (poor judgement I know). I myself have a store that I run on another account and have had to deal with some unfair reviews so I certainly do understand that bad reviews suck IF they truly are bad reviews!
  8. Never mind, I found them! Sorry!
  9. I've been searching everywhere for these arms but have not been able to find them. I saw a couple of people with them but I unfortunately crashed before I could ask them what the name of the store was. Does anyone know where I could find these arms?
  10. I was at an event the other day and saw two people with these really cool looking arms/paws. They were not from the event I was attending. Due to a crash I was unable to snap a photo of them (i should also mention that i don't think that they knew each other but I could be wrong) but the arms looked very similar to puppycatindustries's Bara Hands https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PI-Bara-Hands-For-Utilizator-Kemono/7585146 only difference is that these had bento animations. They were black with bandages on them. Would anyone happen to know what these are and where to find them? Thank you!
  11. Right, I've known some creators even give recommendations to some reliable resellers.
  12. Hello, I've been looking for this skin or an albino/vampire looking skin very similar to this with defined cheekbones as well as the lipstick. (Yes, I already know about CURELESS) I was thinking that it was the Immortal Skin from YS&YS or just appliers that add contouring to the cheeks but I can't tell. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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