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  1. Everyone keeps saying they've seen loads of campers and yet there's me who has been refreshing for hours and still nothing D:
  2. No exaggeration, I just read this and did the same thing. Refreshed and got a house!
  3. mhm, yes but what is the role you're looking for? just want a bit more info on the job you're talking about
  4. Hi, could you please let me know what this is regarding? So I have a little insight
  5. Good'ay! I am looking to start my own decorating business! This would include any type of home setting or even wedding venues! As of now, I am getting things up and running but I was wondering if I would get any interest in this? If it's something you'd be willing to hire me for, please leave a comment in the comment section! I love to decorate and piece out somebodies personality into their home/venue!
  6. Hello lovely people! As you can see, I am one of the many people looking for a job in SL. I know this is in very high demand so I thank you very kindly for clicking on my forum post and see what I'm about! Hello! I have been playing SL for a number of years! I have a mesh body and numerous Bento heads to choose from! We all know how hard it is to stop shopping right? I'm open to numerous different fields of work! Hosting, Dancing, Decorating, Reception, RPers, Shopping Assistants, Spa/Beauty workers! Things you should know about me! Very chatty and kind-hearted! Always willing to chat with everyone! Owner of a mesh body and mesh head I own lots of different outfits and I'm willing to purchase any uniform or clothes/hair I would need to look right for the job! I do have a full-time job in RL but as I work on reception and on my laptop 80% of the day I can definitely work some small shifts during that time as I get my work done in the morning! I am usually available at night time in UK timezone, so anywhere between 6pm-12am (We can chat about hours!) English speaking! Example of hosting: "Hello, Miss/Mr ....! Welcome to ...... What a beautiful gown/Looking dapper tonight! We are happy to host you tonight, If you need anything throughout your time here, please don't hesitate to IM me and I'll do my best to accommodate you!" If you require any more information about me, please drop me an IM in world! Resident Oleria Stark Look forward to hearing from you! x
  7. This is the first house I've ever had and decorated, but I find it so hard to stop decorating 😆
  8. I did indeed mean for someone to edit like in Instagram and stuff, nowhere in my post did I say I was gonna loan my account to anybody. Wee bit dramatic lol
  9. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone offered photography and editing of avatars so they can use them for their profile pictures?
  10. Does anyone have or know of any discord servers for SL? Looking to join some!
  11. Hey girl! I'd love to chat! IM me in world: alyciastarsider x
  12. I just put a similar post up before falling upon this! 90's baby here! Always here to chat and hang out if you wanna add me!
  13. Oooh, I'll have to search for that! I definitely get what you're trying to say! I've spoken and hung out with people all ages, I was just interested to know if there were any more of people my age around! Thanks for replying!
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