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  1. I would like to have the products I've purchased inworld go to the Received Items folder instead of the Objects folder. I use Firestorm and I use the system folders for sorting my inventory out (clothing, bodyparts, etc) but I want to keep all my furniture/houses in the Objects folder (As they are objects to be rezzed out) without 99% of everything else I buy going into it as well.
  2. It wouldn't ever clear up over time, even relogging didn't fix it however clearing the cache did fix it.
  3. So lately I have been experiencing some weird issues regarding mesh bodies being worn by other people. It's typically the female mesh bodies. The issue looks like this... https://gyazo.com/175ac3a3aaddd86b2495ff47418b0171 https://gyazo.com/6a536793dcfbeb1cad60dd13fc14b8dd In the first image link, it shows random sections of the body alpha'd out, anyone wearing that same mesh body will also have the same effects. The second image shows where the part of the body really is, instead of being on the avatar. How do I fix this?
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