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  1. Thanks Belinda and Dillon! I'm going to try being more active on the forums. I've been trying to expand my social circle but I haven't the foggiest idea how. In RL, I met all of my friends through school or work, but I don't do either in SL, hahah. If anyone wants to shop in-world, go to a live event, or hit up some clubs and dance, I'm your girl! I'm SLT+1.
  2. As an Introvert, I find it hard to break into seemingly established social circles. I see the same names frequently on a lot of threads and while no one has said anything that is unwelcoming, it is still nerve-wracking to want to say "the right thing" and not be rejected. Also, I've also been told by quite a few people in my RL that I'm funny. So yes, introverts are capable of humour. ?
  3. Is it too late to add my name to the "Lonely Hearts Club"? I'm a lurker who is braving her fears and posting here for the first time. Like in RL, I attached myself to an extrovert but I think I need to expand my social circle a bit. I'm looking for some homies to hang out with. I like live events, dancing, adventuring, and shopping. I usually shop in the MP because shopping in-world alone isn't fun for me. I'm always up for chatting, though I do struggle with group chats sometimes. I'm friendly and funny and I'm a really good sidekick! I like adventuring but because I'm new (2
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