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  1. InannaSin

    Physical Prims Question

    Ya posted as I was typin. Scripting a non-physical object might actually be less of a server load. And it gives ya more control.
  2. InannaSin

    Physical Prims Question

    Unlike RL, in SL, the drag model is uniform. So, a "physical" object will fall straight down, unless ya apply a force or impulse that isn't vertical.
  3. Yes, both Mixxx and VLC have Mac OSX support.
  4. InannaSin

    going underground

    I used fake ground where I could lower the land enough to not raise the result - or where raising the result made sense. That still leaves parts where things could have gone under the land if not for the limit on teleporting avatars. As I said, I understand why the limits on terraforming - both by LL and by private estate owners. And the same reasoning applies to using fake land. While limits on terraforming in SL do parallel RL limits on digging holes in one's own yard, access to space under SL land has no RL parallel. There is no infrastructure or "features of nature" (examples: aquifers, bedrock, fault lines, etc) under SL land. And when the current owner/tenant vacates, any objects under the land are just as easy to clear out as objects far above the land and on the land. So, what more do I need to make a strong enough case to even consider submitting a feature change request?
  5. InannaSin

    going underground

    I understand why the terraforming limits are in place. Sometimes exceptions can be negotiated for important enough tenants. Which is why the idea of having access to under the land makes sense. And under the land could include submerged structures, for example, Nemo's underwater base as on display in Arcardia Asylum. It makes at least as much sense as skyboxes do and provides an opportunity to get some of those skyboxes out of the sky. Sure, some things belong in the sky, like sky stations and "space" stations. And I know there are, and will be, sims stacked full of skybox rentals. So, again,why not allow access to the space under the ground?
  6. For music streaming, I use Mixxx (https://mixxx.org). It has an auto-DJ feature if you don't want to actively DJ the music. Currently, I use Blue-Bart for the stream hosting (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49283) Another option would be to use VLC. There is a guide at https://www.howtogeek.com/118075/how-to-stream-videos-and-music-over-the-network-using-vlc/
  7. I've seen skyboxes and read complaints about them. Can't say I disagree about the complaints. Some things make sense in the sky. Others are needless clutter. I had a thought about putting one underground. While getting the box underground is possible, no way to get an avatar to it. All the various ways to teleport an avatar won't port the avatar below ground level. Some will ask why not just terraform the ground. I've done that, but the estate settings limit how much I can do (a group I'm in owns land). And, anyone renting land isn't going to have that option. So, why not allow access to the space under the ground?