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  1. Hello, Me and my partner encountered the same issue. I went looking up the net and came here. So it is the special characters or letters that we use when we change our account names inworld? (because that is how i always do it, trough my profile inworld) I do not use chinese or korean letters, but well special letters from a website where i can do that , copy it and paste it in SL. Some work, some dont. but SL accepts my last name Tσm Cαrtєr and then after a bit it changes back. Now the thing that actually bothers me, is the question; why havent they fixed t
  2. Thank you for the kind words, which in fact are also true. Maybe i should not worry about that at all and just hug all haters Well youre not a hater but at least let me return the verbal hug Anyways, yeah you are correct. \o/ party time!!
  3. mhmm this is wy i always make screenshots wth GYAZO. I dont accept notecards or hear/say from people as they can be altered and made very damaging to other people. So the only proof i accept is screenshots. thats the best proof you can get. Video even better
  4. owww.... so i CAN send them..... well then i will do that I thought that was forbidden as well..... Thank you so much! this is really helpful
  5. @ Lindal Kidd: yes but the problem is, that i cannot share the screenshots, that would get me banned. and these screenshots are my only proof of what this person is doing. And they are IN secondlife, badgering other people using my name, my twitch account, my personal information etc etc. so its ALL happening in SecondLife and indirectly affects my real life. (work on twitch) @ Rolig: mhmm i know this. I was hoping by posting this that either LL would read it and reach out, or someone who could provide me with a contact adress (email) so i can send the 7 screenshots and profile screens
  6. Hello everyone, (linden labs in particulair....) I am having a very nasty problems with residents that are openly griefing a sim in SL and uses my name, uses my profile information and also uses my twitch name and account to make me look bad. Now normally i would say, i would file am abuse report, but thats not possible since i have so much information i need to share with LINDEN LABS. This person is deliberatly making me look bad, damaging my good reputation as a DJ in secondlife and also enters my REAL LIFE by using my twitch account, calling it a GRIEFERS STREAM for SL, openly
  7. @Scylla Rhiadra Well my thoughts are that you are right about that. Its everywhere. But,..... i still think there is a way to "steer clear" from all that. I know most people dont care about it at all, Buy honestly i think its actually shocking that these maturity ratings here are a fluke. Meaning; Why on earth would a sim owner put adult furniture on their sim, while havig sex is actually not allowed? Does not make sense to me. "Unless they clearly want to engage in it, but also violate TOS from LL. (not that LL cares much hahaha) In GTA5 you also have to "look" for the content.
  8. @Scylla Rhiadra No i havent visited sims like that. those places dont sway me. nor do they have my interest. I am NOT on sl to have sex. I am o SL to play and make music. And to express my creativity I was merely pointing out the difference between GTA and SL. ( mostly about gfx quality etc) Im certainly not comparing NPC's wth real people. Altho sometimes i ask myself who is real on SL and who is not hahah and the sex in GTA doest interest me at all. And yes to be honest, i DO love the talking thing. And i do have a relationship. I actually met the love of my life in SL hihihih
  9. Seriously??? hahahahha block **** n all? hahahahah OMG I mean why on earth would people want to see that if we have SL....
  10. Yes i agree with you totally man! i mean..... according to what Twitch says,... shouldnt these games be BANNED from twitch as well? I mean dont get me wrong,..... i LOVE GTA 5 but..... yes there is violence, there is sex, there is rape, murder, theft and so on... ANd no you cannot compare GTA to SecondLife. i wish we could. Have our OWN los Santos hehehehe Rockstar did not manage to create cute girls like that as we have in SL. Altho.... theres MODS available hahaha that make it even better
  11. games that COULD?..... So that means SL is actually already found guilty of all that. WIthout them even wanting to investigate the "3d Social platform" because SL is officially not a game,... or am i misunderstandig that? Not really sure about that to be honest But still i think they should let us broadcast.... Look at all the creative people in the community! not only DJ's like me, but builders, decorators, designers, or even people who want to accomodate NEW RESIDENTS and help them on their way by good tutorial videos i think it actually has great potential
  12. Mhmm yes as i just stated in my previous comment, i checked it and its still on the list. Yet,..... i did not get banned (as of yet hahaha) by broadcasting my DJ work in a club...... ( i do keep nudity out of my camera sight tho) never wake a sleeping dog i was told
  13. @Scylla Rhiadra Well i actually think the reasons are a bit stupid tho. I mean honestly they look at one bad side and ban it. i dont understand. I mean..... sure theres a lot of crap happenig i SL by people who have no good intentions at all. But that can be avoided right? EIther you choose not to broadcast the bad things happening or you make sure nothing of it all is seen. (like i do) Its a way of NOT feeding the trolls and still be able to support your creativity and the place that you think is worth broadcasting for. I checked again and its still on the banned list. But i wo
  14. Wow..... amazing!!! I get a warning from Theresa Linden because i posted a link to my twitch here,..... I wanted to show that SECOND LIFE ISNT BANNED FROM TWITCH AT ALL!!! That is *****ing rediculous. I am trying to be helpful and take a stand for LL and i get warned Because i want to show the GOOD side .... right,....... Ive been stalked for over two years by one and the same person, made over 20 REPORTS and nothing happens. (double standards, Lindens? It only concerns you if it AFFECTS you ? wow!!!!) But im trying to be helpful and add some GOOD NEWS to the community
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