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  1. Okay... Long story short, I done goofed. A few months back I opened an inworld group for a hobby store, and at the time I was in a serious relationship with my partner and had wanted to share everything I had with him. So I had placed him under group owner as well. I'm still quite new to second life... Not long after, i accidentally remove myself from the group... Thus leaving him to be the only owner of the group I had created. Fast forward a little, he's been gone for almost 3 months (completely MIA), and I need my group ownership back from him... In world curre
  2. Thank you so so much! That did the trick! It now does exactly what I'd like it to do, although unfortunately, I'm now faced with an error; which from a little bit of testing is from llRemoveInventory(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD,x)); I can't remove this particular line because the presence of the inventory notecard, and lack of it, trigger the different states, yet this is the only way I know how to remove old inventory without forcing the user to have to go edit their item perms to no copy, or manually delete it from the item inventory... Any suggestions? integer nu
  3. Ah yes, I thought about just doing that, but I sort of need the mesh booty for texturing purposes. But thank you for the recommendation!
  4. I'm a new scripter to LSL and the forums, pls have mercy... (^v^*) So I've successfully written a script that gives notecards to whitelisted individuals defined within the script. But because I'd like to sell this script on MP, I can't exactly just give away the script with modify rights, because, you know the whole copy paste tactic... And I've figured out how to make it recognize a notecard full of whitelisted usernames but am having a lot of difficulties trying to get the script to 1. recognize that upon distribution, I'd like everything else but the notecard entitled "whitelist"
  5. Okay, so I've literally JUST got into mesh creation, my first object being a booty for a sassy spanker system I'm currently working on. But as I export the file (as you can see below) and try to upload it onto SL it looks like a bunch of jagged razors interjecting each other instead of a smooth booty. I've watched a few video tutorials and all of their preview images look fine, even followed their steps, but I can't seem to figure why mine is acting this way...
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