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  1. That solves your problem the more devices connected at one time to the same internet router / modem will make the data consumption higher. What I do is use one device at a time connected to the wifi I have since I am on a 2000 GB data plan and do a lot of streaming like Netflix and do gaming as well on my xbox one. I found an article that can help you determine on how to solve the issue and manage internet data limits. internet data cap article - Here it is. Viper
  2. Its gotta be a Mac issue I have that even with logging out its annoying for sure I guess MAC isn't worth to use for SL anymore I lag a lot in high traffic sims the only I don't seem to lag at is my homestead rental. Apple makes crappy products in general thank god I am upgrading to something decent.
  3. My question is how many other devices in your home are connected to your wifi while using SL on a computer? Keep in mind smartphones like iPhone, android etc auto connect to the internet. I am on a limited plan as well with my wifi service and I am making sure all devices I am not using are not connected to wifi while I am on my laptop like my xbox, smart tv, phone etc. I barely go over 600GB a month and I have a decent size of internet plan most months I do go over the more devices connected the more your consumption for internet data will go on.
  4. I have gaming PC it won't work with SL without lagging because I need a new video card. Still haven't gotten one but it works for the normal browsing on it. The thing is with gaming PCS they take a lot of power to use for the components inside the machine to work not even cheap even consider getting a gaming laptop for a short period.
  5. I don't think some people understand its harder for people to understand the upgrades to baked on mesh bodies I used Aesthetic for a couple of years because it was easier to put together the layers upon layers can be complicated that is how Second life is in general. Even for me it was hard to put my male body together until I gave up even with this new update to lelutka I have had a lot of problems because the skin tones I bought for the head are useless and won't work hence why I went with Gianni head doesn't matter its not perfect 100% to others I like it just the way it is just do whatever pleases yourself when getting an avatar.
  6. I wouldn't recommend the lelutka head the new update for Skyler is messed up to the point I can't find a good skin anymore to work with the EVO or EVO X my body is Signature Gianni and so is the head was easier to configure to make it work the hud for the head and body is perfect. Perfect example.
  7. I'm going to let it run through the time since I have like 1 week left thank you for the suggestions.
  8. I have a family we are of supernatural origin and working on a kingdom that is medieval if you are interested feel free to contact me. Viper
  9. I'm renting the land I don't pay anything besides the rental fees for the cost of the rental itself is a bit out of my budget and I have moved to a friends land full time. I have been trying to get in touch with the owner but he has not gotten in touch with me yet on fixing the cost of the land rental.
  10. Same issue here along with two of my friends we were working on a project when it happened one of them has managed to login while the others are waiting too.
  11. Hello there I am giving up a piece of land on SL should I just wait until the rental is up in two weeks or abandon it fully? I don't know the difference in abandoning land or even waiting until the rental is up.
  12. Taking a break from our building with my partner. We are working on a kingdom with a mixture of Game of Thrones / Skyrim / The Elder Scrolls Lore.
  13. If someone is making money on SL that's their business no one else's.
  14. Not seeking anymore for poly relationships I am mostly busy working on several projects with a few friends I've met. Close this thread if you want. Viper
  15. Twitch bans people for no reason at all look at Dr. Disrespect up on YouTube he is now suing Twitch for banning him since he never really broke any rules on Twitch in his streams don't be surprised if Twitch disappears in a few years.
  16. The only issue that comes to my mind is not only the banks being the problem as others have said no one really mods the content provided on the app itself Example Bell Delphine a YouTube content creator who makes odd videos got banned from only fans do to a video she posted that caused a ruckus to where the app banned her. In this case videos like that are normally the causes of the sudden changes in policies but even if the banks are not wanting to back the company for its workers just like the hub being shut down for many lawsuits the only thing companies can do is set rules and make sure the content creators follow the rules. The hub was out of control with the company refusing to cooperate with victims that is why things are changing.
  17. Yeah GTA is not for kids trust me I play it was shocked in GTA V story mode with some of the crap Trevor pulls. Video game ratings are important but I think parents just don't care on what their kids see or care to look into a game that is kid friendly. I don't even think SL should be kid friendly either
  18. Not that I know this person in real life but I met someone last year who lives in the same state as me but 2-3 counties away its pretty neat how you find this stuff out now we hangout a lot when she is on lol.
  19. I think it would be better to reduce the amount of problems with the payment info on file even to use any of the SL viewers service until Government ID is shown via help ticket at least it would stop the grief problem and other problems at least. They would be able to login via the SL website but not use any viewer until verified. In the mean time its on SL to handle it properly with it.
  20. It would be a better option than removing The Whole adult side of SL to verify the info it would need to take at least 3-5 business days for you to be able to see the adult side if the ID is legit. I have a lot of adult clothing like funny t-shirts that are of adult humor nature that I like to wear. A lot of creators in the shop of adult created items like clothing and accessories would be removed and the creator loses the profit. Doesn't have to be BDSM or anything it could be a dress that is a bit revealing that is rated Adult for that reason because it is not for the general and moderate side.
  21. I don't think you took the time to read my response, The one I was responding too was talking about IMVU not second life.
  22. I think its more for people who just stand around all day 24-7 logged in someone would see that as a bot even then the AWAY option is good to have I guess some people just get tired of the ones who just park and not respond but that is how AFK works or AWAY mode.
  23. Oh geez don't make SL like IMVU it would be a total waste of time to make it like a PG-13 movie if all else make sure anyone who purchases adult content with an account is 18+ people really don't have to verify age on IMVU when purchasing Access Pass. I don't see a problem with adult content as long as it's with other adults in general. IMVU sucks in general most people moved from IMVU to SL for the realistic Adult content that IMVU doesn't provide. Only Fans is removing the adult content because the adult industry like the HUB is under a lot of pressure for people misusing it for gross content and the investors that Only Fans has don't want to support that kind of content being shown.
  24. I would like to find one that can work for my upcoming RP sim its modern day like GTA V style with a mixture of other things we are putting into it together.
  25. I like Falling out SL its in Firestorm viewer and makes my haunted isle look like a haunted area plus Dusty is one I like as well a lot of hard choices on which one is my favorite. Excuse the necro threading on this topic.
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