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  1. Skyrim for the best game ending, after completing the whole game along with getting to level 100 and legendary skill lines defeating the ebony warrior is grand worth it however for worst it would Super Mario bros 3 with the flying squirrels after defeating the dragon and saving the princess 100 times lol.
  2. When I had land a few months back it was in a big commercial area and we had people coming into the castle I had at the time and my friends were in their rooms just hanging out with their friends and stuff we got a security orb and banned accounts over a certain age and set it to payment info on file and only members of a group could come in when we were all offline. When we were on lock down we spent most of the time with the castle open to all but when I was offline I turned it off to members of a group only. Right now we have a low commercial land with like 3 other plots of residentia
  3. I have to agree Consent is required with that tag. I know a sim that has that tag and those with the Prey listed in picks and in profile are to contact in private IM's to discuss the limits and things to do in a RP scene. They do pick and choose to RP with if someone doesn't seem interesting in RP or won't respect limits. The discord channel thing to me is a good idea if no one is on Sim and wants to do discord RP scene with them. If one doesn't respect a prey's limits they won't be on sim or in the discord server. respect of limits and having consent is 100% needed.
  4. My clan is different we don't need to attack because we have tanks to keep alive or amulets. I know bloodlines has been shunned but I really enjoy it. Thank you for responding and take care.
  5. i'm having trouble finding one as well for "A" rated RP sims. I've been in a couple one changed on that Bloodlines couldn't be allowed and now is more of a "A" sim with no background stories to characters and not a lot to do. The other just wouldn't do much for me in the RP aspect.
  6. Hello I am looking for some RP partners to Roleplay with that are in Poly lifestyle or in Open Relationships. I'm into many "A" type things but more looking for friendship outside of SL in OOC. I am online at various times and wouldn't mind getting to know others in Poly lifestyle and Open Relationships. Since this is a post for looking for Roleplay partners let me put down some info about me. 1.) I'm not a male in real life but a female with a Male avatar / RP character on SL. I'm bisexual but rather be open to having relationships with anyone interested. 2.) I'm into the adu
  7. I would be down if supernatural creatures are involved.
  8. For myself I don't like many rules for RP this includes to lore type RP communities where the lore is hard for me to understand in a sense where I roleplay normally as. Hybrid (Incubus Demon with Vampirism) and many RP Supernatural urban sims are strict on only one creature based character. If there are too many rules to understand in the sense of combat hud based RP I will not join in. I don't like to do combat RP i rather just avoid combat RP because I am more driven in certain scenes like "Dark Alley or just an average man walking into a bar and maybe hooking up for one night or two with a
  9. I have to agree some new users (not all) have no respect for those in the lifestyle including when it comes to those as Master or Dom. I've had my fair share on a female alt account I made last year but I don't use it because I tested it out just to see what would happen. (Most demanded me to have RLV on or to follow them around in private Im's when I told them I wasn't interested they would call me names that were rude. (Not bullying) but would constantly say "Hey babe wanna hook up?" "Hey follow me now." sort of things. I tested it out in a few "A" places and realized I'm not up for that sor
  10. I wanted to add this I am looking for both male and females to join the clan and to participate in adult events that involve erotic adult RP. I have lots of females but not enough males to join in but if you are interested please feel free to contact me.
  11. I think you need to chill on that note, How I view poly is different on my own views. I don't see how "Drama" would get mixed into just a quick "RP" session that isn't longterm or a meaningful relationship. We all have our views on what we see and if you "Google poly" you might as well understand where I'm coming from. https://www.glamour.com/story/7-polyamory-myths-its-time-to-stop-believing here is an article that defines the myths of Poly as I have been poly for since 2018 I believe you wouldn't understand if you haven't tried our "poly" or even researched it properly. On that note ple
  12. I'm poly with the "A" aspect as in adult interests can't post them here due to guidelines as expected I look more than just "A" content in relationships like what I stated. "A" content is not important to me unless it's like a romantic based relationship and a couple of my partners are "Non-A" type content people. If it makes sense I am generally looking for relationships that isn't based on all "A" content. I've had people ask me several times if It's okay to RP and when I tell them about 6-10 times it's a no go when the conversation of interests in RP tends to be interesting. I don't accept
  13. I have a sort of a list of this no doubt when someone says they "RP" it kind of peeves me to the point of not wanting to "RP with certain people. 1.) Emoting without proper spelling and Grammar. (I've seen this in dozen of "A" related groups where literally I have to ask in private IM an example of a scene. If It's not up to proper spelling or Grammar it will be harder for me to Rp with them.) 2.) Trolls (Trolls tend to ruins RP moods, Granted before I came to SL for RP I was on imvu and dealt with trolls there but I've never seen so many trolls literally shaming those with RP
  14. I can understand why someone would not trust someone for lying about their real life gender even for an online family it is distrusting even for a romantic relationship for straight people finding out your partner is a different gender can be hard to deal with but it is sometimes hard for people to open up as others have said before in this thread. I see myself even in OOC for RP being my real self even in the male avatar when I am not roleplaying in character. I am honest when I meet new people and when I was called a "Catfish" for playing a different gender I felt like it was irrelevant to t
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