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  1. See this is what I'm talking about. Your trying so so hard to be seen as the witty funny one and yet succeed at it about as much as a vicar would trying to baptise a cat. Lets look at what you ACTUALLY said "Hey, the regular price is an annual premium subscription is $144" now reading that first time and interpreting the obvious mistake reads as "Hey, the regular price OF an annual premium subscription is $144". There for you are stating this number to be a FACT, not a joke. There is no sarcasm here, no joke, no hee hee or haw haw....just you stating something to be completely true. Then you go on to FACTUALLY claim there is a 50% discount on this and state that it is "deeply discounted, too!" with an exclamation mark really trying to hammer the point home that you completely know what you are talking about. You never once said anything about those prices being made up or a joke. You just simply stated them as fact and then TRIED to be funny with the "//sarcastic-response" and then appeared to go onto a completely separate disconnected sentence where you start making FACT claims about price matching without ever actually linking it to the so called "sarcastic response" you made in the first place. Here is the simple truth. You are desperately trying to back peddle in order to not seem like a complete and total moron. Stop trying to be the comedy queen of the forum, take a deep breath, calm yourself, relax and just have a normal conversation and leave the "comedy" to those more able.
  2. Where are you getting your figures from. Regular monthly price is $9.50 x 12 = $114 a year and with one month half price is then $109.25 per year Three monthly is $22.50 x 4 = $90 per year and then with one quarter half price is $79.75 per year For the entire year is $72.00 I wasn't saying that they definitely SHOULD reduce the year one as its already reduced and the cheapest option. I was saying it in terms of it being SL birthday that if they wanted to do something neat then perhaps as a one off they could reduce it. Not everyone has $72 available in one go to pay for a straight year of premium. I wasn't suggesting 50% off that price or anything. Also, you don't seem to understand just exactly what sarcasm is.
  3. What I'm saying is they could offer something a little better in honour of SL birthday than just a single month half price which in terms of what it usually would cost isn't really an offer overall compared to say when they offer 50% off the quarterly price
  4. Its SLB15 and the best they can offer on premium is half price for a single solitary month. Surely they could do it on the three month package to at least make it seem tempting. This offer really doesn't prompt me to want to take out premium. Reason being is for the sake of one month at half price I would just be taking out premium at its standard normal price for the rest of the year. At least by discounting the three month package again (which I haven't seen them do in quite a while now) it would make it worth it in the sense of it being a birthday celebration. Or even go crazy and do half price on the years membership, that never happens.
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