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  1. This is taking a lot of emotional energy to write - I am, quite literally, a broken man at present - but please hear my tale... I met Xoe on SL and fell in love straight away. She was everything any man could want in a woman - considerate, kind, patient and loving, and very beautiful - both in RL and SL...I had no doubt (and still have no doubt, despite the catastrophe of last weekend) that this is the only woman for me. A match made in Heaven, as it were. How lucky can one be to find that special person, among the billions on Earth? And how unlucky to have that special person snatched away by a disaster foul and crude... After a year or so of exploring SL together, sometimes for up to 16 hours a day, we decided to partner. Our wedding day was set for 6pm SLT on Friday 29 June. A great deal of planning went into this - we investigated over 80 sims to find the ideal venue, and spent a meticulous amount of time and money on sourcing the best wedding gear on SL marketplace, from clothes to decorations and even prim food. A live singer was hired; upwards of 30 guests invited; no expense was spared. Unfortunately, on Friday afternoon, I started to feel a little ill - nothing major, just a slight tummy upset. Nothing that could put me off marrying Xoe on SL. I cleared my cache several times and even moved all my video and audio files off the PC, to ensure there was no lag. We were half way through the ceremony - on mic - and the ache in my stomach turned to a full-blown storm. I desperately needed to go to the toilet - but what could I do, mid-ceremony? Maybe I could have urinated in time - but I doubted I could properly void my bowels and clean my backside in time for the wedding vows. So I held on...even though by now I was sweating and stamping my feet against the floor. The wedding official asked me to recite my vows. I was about to speak when, suddenly...I let rip the most cacophonous fart my anus has ever uttered. All on the sim went quiet. I saw someone type 'Did he just fart? LOL'. I was overcome with grief and shame. Not only had I farted - I had followed through, and the back legs of my beige chinos were now an unholy shade of creosote-brown. Xoe logged off and later unpartnered me. In fact, she unpartnered me instantly, though I only found out three hours later - after I had put my chinos and underwear into a garbage bag and scrubbed my carpet for stains. She will now not return my IMs, and I feel myself lonely, rejected and overcome by the burning shame of being the only man to have defecated in his own pants at his virtual wedding ceremony. Or am I? Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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