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  1. Never mind! found on SLViewer standard! Thank you very much, Callum Meriman and all others who helped me! angeoco: i'll try Firestorm too! Thanks
  2. maybe I'm a bit dumb but I have difficulty to find Firestorm viewer for Linux link. Can you help me Callum? Or I have to download the windows version (I need the link as well, please) and run it with wine? (i have wine-staging 3.10 installed)
  3. Thank you Lindal Kidd but: 1) I'm on Linux and not on Windows (on Linux too exist the same configurable parameter anyway); 2) The scaling would affect the entire desktop and not only the application itself. So, a temporary 'gross' workaround but even if would have SL with menu visible, when you switch on other applications like a browser the result would have an abnormally 'inflated' interface for those apps. Thank you anyway!
  4. thanks for the fast answer! but doesn't help much, unfortunately. In fact, I perlustrated every menu or setting (even in advanced and develop menus). The only modifiable font (in size) is for the chat content but not for the interface. Probably I have to put some parameter to the launch command in shell. None found at this moment. Hoping some developer can help me on this matter. thanks anyway, angeoco.
  5. As per title. On a 4K monitor (3840x2160) the interface font is really too small. How to have the interface font 2-4x ?? see the screenshot (reduced at 75% of the original to match the 4.88MB limit)
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