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  1. I cleared the cache ... and it worked!! My listings all showed up! Thanks again! DONE
  2. No, I didn't. Thanks for the suggestion, and the help.
  3. Ticket created. Crossing my fingers.
  4. No, I didn't know where to go or how to submit one. Help sent me to the forums. So, um, how do you submit a support case?
  5. Well, that probably explains the problems I am having with my alternative MP site, lol.
  6. No, actually, I am trying to go into it from my external viewer. I had no problem setting up a store for Autumn years ago, which I still use. Like I said, I can see the two cats just fine if I go in as Autumn. However, if I log in as Coyote, I click on My Marketplace, then "merchant home", then "manage listings". But, I see no listings. It shows the number of listings, but they don't show. However, for some reason, I can create them directly within my inworld account and the show up so that others can see them. They do not show up for me to edit and list them from the external browser. I never use an internal browser. I also always verify that I am logged in as Coyote. As I said, I log in as CoyoteMage and that's when I can't see the listings. If I log in as Autumn Ehrenkranz, I see the listings in Coyote's store. So, anybody can see them except me. It's kind of difficult to run the store when I can't actually see the listings. I can see the two items I put into the "marketplace listings" in my avis account, in their respective folders, just fine. I have only put in two so far. I click on "create listing", then "edit listing" in my inworld account. It brings up the edit screen in the MP in an external browser and allows me to put in all of the individual information I need to add. Obviously, since I am in my CoyoteMage account, I am also editing in the same account. But, once I have finished editing and hit update, it says it's updated, but I still can't see it. So, I have to go back inworld and click on the item, then click on "list", in order for it to appear to everyone else, except me. I have been running my other store for years and never had a problem like this. I followed the exact same steps as I did in my other store with completely different results. I have a work around, but it's not one I want to continue using. I have never had to use the unassociated listings. I just take the item and move it to marketplace listings. When I do that, it automatically creates the folders for the item. Then I just right click and select "create listing". When I go to the MP, the item is there, ready for editing. I discovered that I didn't have to put a folder in "marketplace listings" quite a while ago. It saves me a lot of time. I can bulk load items, and the program automatically creates separate folders for each. The only problem I sometimes have is with listings that end up in the MP with no title. I have to edit those and add a title based on the contents. I always fix any blank ones first. But, there are very few of those. I even checked unassociated listings to see if that was the problem, but there were none.
  7. This gets weirder, lol. I found that I can create a listing and list it all from in world. However, I still can't see anything in the store. However, if I go in as Autumn, I can find cats in the store and can see everything in the store. Hmmm. Very odd.
  8. Thanks for giving me the link Alwin, I actually looked through the technical section last, figuring that might be where I stuck it and still couldn't find it. I was probably tired at that point. Aha, nope. I wasn't looking in the Answer section at all. No wonder I couldn't find it! I think I need to clarify. In my other MP store, when I add a cat, I stick it into the marketplace listings in world, under avatar. I then right click it to create the listing. I then go to merchant home/manage listings in the "My Marketplace" in the MP, which is what is shown in the second picture. The listing should be there, waiting for me to finish editing, then activating it. But that last part isn't happening with the new store. I noticed that I said I went back to the store, but what I meant was I went back to merchant home/manage listings. You're right, they won't show up in the store until they have been activated under manage listings. Since you answered me on this thread, and I didn't get an answer on the other thread, I think I like this one better, lol. But, I do think it is a technical issue, unfortunately.
  9. I am certain I already wrote this, but it is nowhere to be found. I even included pictures. I can't imagine why it would be taken down. I set up a store with no problem, including banner and photo. Everything looks right. Next, I put a few products into my marketplace listings inworld. However, when I went to my store, they did not show up. So, I removed everything. I went back to my store, and noticed that Total items said I still had one item. So, I added one item, as you can see in the picture below. It again did not show up in the store, however, Total items is now , shown in second picture. When I deleted the original 28 items, I got errors indicating that the item had not first been deleted from my listings page. So, anyone know why my listings are there, but not showing? Any suggestions would be helpful. I can't find this issue mentioned anywhere else. Thanks, Coyote
  10. CoyoteMage

    Am I crazy?

    Thank you all for this discussion and your thoughtful replies. Even though my main has been a resident for many years, I probably would have made some of the same types of mistakes, if I were to start up a new business. I made a friend in a group we both belonged to. We had a great first conversation. But after that, the only time she contacted me was to ask if I would trade a really good product for one of hers that had a trait I would want. I agreed and gave her the product, then she sent me one that had the trait I wanted, but everything else was low level. I learned very quickly that she was just using me. However, I also have friends that I can share purchases with and they keep their end of the bargain. She obviously was not a real friend, and I learned my lesson there. I was still new to the group, so I don't feel so bad about falling for the scam. I now have a solid group of friends that I can trust.
  11. I just set up a new store yesterday. This is the alt for which I created the store. I uploaded 28 items and created a listing for each of them. When I went to manage my listings, they weren't there. I noticed that the little "total items" message said there were 28 listings, but none of them show. I checked my "Marketplace Listings" tab folders again, and all of the listings looked fine. I looked at the "failed import log", but nothing. I checked for errors in the "Marketplace Listings" tab for my avatar, no errors. I pulled all of my inventory out, then deleted all of the folders. I got a few of the errors one gets when removing a listing. After I removed everything from my listings tab, I checked the store. It still had one listing under total items, but no actual listings. I logged out of everything to do with Second Life. I closed my browser and started over. This time, I put one item into my marketplace listings and created the listing. I went back to my store and it now says there are two total items, but still doesn't show any listings. I breed and sell kittycats. I wanted to separate out my collectibles, because I have way too many projects running, and the collectibles are not projects. But, If I have to then send my boxes to my main avatar to put into her marketplace store, it adds more work. Plus, when a kittycat box sells, I have to determine who gets the lindens. So, I really need more a store for this avatar. Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it?
  12. Not everyone who has 1000s of items are just showing different colors. Yes, there are people who do that and they are irritating, but don't put everyone selling thousands of items in the same category. I expect to have a couple of thousand items when I finally start listing those that require more manual effort. Not to mention the new ones that aren't quite perfect enough for auctions, but are great for people just starting their own breeding, or people who are looking for something they just can't find in the auctions. Me, too. I just had three items sell that I have had in my store for about a year. It was enough to pay for food and rental for one of my shops. A couple of weeks ago, I had four others bought. A totally different line. Every so often, one of my even older ones will sell, maybe once a month. I still have several hundred older items to add to my marketplace, it just takes so much time. And, because these things are old, they have grown more valuable, including the ones that are already in the marketplace. And, of course, I have new items to add. If a breedable market closes, I remove them; otherwise, I continue to make money off them.
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