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  1. If the lucky chair requires you to join a group and that group costing L's to join then you are paying into them. Random prize givers ill give ya
  2. You are telling me that a person clicking on the gacha is not aware of what they are doing and has no control over their actions? They have made a cognitive decision on clicking their mouse to obtain a random prize. They are choosing to click and spend what they want, just as they are clicking on any other thing in SL with the understanding that they are going to get something they are clicking on, weather it be random or intentional purchase. Freedom of choice is it not?
  3. Lucky chairs require you to join the group at times, they groups sometimes cost L's again, where is the line. Me thinks people are just sore losers and cant control themselves, thus others suffer for their lack of control
  4. Where do we draw the line on this? What about random prize givers or lucky chairs? Its the same concept of a gacha. Will everything in fun be banned because some consider it "gambling" This is not skilled gaming, its all luck of the draw. Will we consider SL in its entirety gambling as it costs money to do anything...
  5. It wouldnt be such a big issue, but certain huds dont work anymore, neither does destinations etc..., they are just grey boxes. If i were to do a clean install would this even correct the issue?
  6. This answer doesn't help, there is not a download on the reference page for Quicktime
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