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  1. Thank you for all your interest, just for your info, we are not hiring anymore.
  2. Adult Escort & Strip Club SmokerZ Elite will hire an experienced General Manager. We are looking for a Manager who has experience in adult business. Detailed conditions will be talked in our office. Our payments weekly (wage + bonusses). Interested canditates shall IM to adrianthe resident or mojamala resident. Good luck!
  3. in my opinion it's just a business as others. Imagine a client coming into your shop, looking around for minutes or hours and leaving before buying anything and keep doing that everyday or pretty often. There is no any big difference going to an adult club, enjoying entertainment but not buying any service or tipping them.
  4. Smokerz Elite is a growing adult club. While we have stylish unique girls to entertain our clients, we also offer fun times for our visitors with our quality DJ & Host staff. We trust our friendly staff which will warmly welcome you to Smokerz family. We are hiring Escorts & Dancers now. Feel free to visit our club and fill an application form to apply. We offer hourly wages and Escorts & Dancers keep %80 of their tips.. Extra bonuses will be added. We only hire female Escort and Dancers right now and voice verification is needed. You can apply as Text, Voice or Webcam Escort. Visit our club ---> SmokerZ Elite
  5. Hey Karolina, You may contact me via IM adrianthe. Will be happy to help you about the job.
  6. Jude please contact with adrianthe by IM.. thanks
  7. New opened adult musical club Smokerz Club & Hotel hiring Dj's, Host's and Pole dancer's. We are not looking for people who will work temporary, we have sets and seting up permanent staff. To apply for positions, IM: adrianthe or mojamala in world. Good Luck!
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