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  1. Just now, Daniel Voyager said:

    What time is the soft opening on 18th ? 

    I don't think there's an official time right now. Group notices will be posted.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Leora Jacobus said:

    Wenn exactly will the SL17B festivities start?

    Has anyone any idea what we will see then?


    SL17B starts on June 19, 2020. With a soft opening for group members (free to join) on June 18th.

    For what's there to do, you'll have to visit to see but a few examples are 24/7 live signers and djs. Many exhibits to visit and more!

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

    Aha!  Yes, I mean the crossing barriers.  I just noticed that the ones in Vic regions are old-timey and don't have lights, what a hoot!  And so much more maintainable!

    These seem to be continuously blinking, for example.  It's not a big problem, not impeding traffic or anything, but just distracting if you live nearby.

    Ah yeah, I took a look at them. These "blinking" crossings are not working yet either. Once they are complete they stop constantly blinking I promise! 🙂

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  4. 1 minute ago, Fushichou Mfume said:

    Yeah, I'm trying to find a red light to stop at and wait to see how long it takes to clear and turn green again. From what @Squeaky Mole said above, I'm guessing that there's some type of global "safe reset" that happens every 10-15 minutes or so in case the switching scripts got borked from accidents or cheats?


    You keep catching my replies in between replies! But yup, each block has it's own safety timer. Same for the Crossing Barriers, their all on their own timer.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

    Sooo many lights are blinking red all the time, yet no trains anywhere around.  I wish there was a reset switch that residents (particularly ones who live nearby!) could push, which would cause the signaling script to check the current track state and reset.  Sometimes I suspect that a train poofed before it even got to an intersection, leaving the lights blinking forever, or something.

    The red lights should never be blinking, unless you mean the Crossing Barriers. They should reset themselves after a few minutes if it bugs out, please show me the locations if you experience issues like that. I can take a look 🙂

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Fushichou Mfume said:

    I think the moral of the story is that if you encounter a red/orange light combination, it's best to stop manually and wait for the red light to turn green? That it's generally a good idea to stay off of orange track sections for now?

    Pretty much! Much like real life, when you see a red traffic light.. slow down and stop ^^

    Orange lights are at your own risk, since anything could happen at that point. The good news is that is you do pass those it does NOT break the track since it's not completed anyways. This is really just if you'd like to continue as long you know that anything could go wrong or you could crash into other residents for example. All "safety" controls are disabled.

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  7. 1 minute ago, Fushichou Mfume said:

    @Squeaky Mole  Okay and one more bit of feedback since you're monitoring the thread.... I just encountered a Y split where the light on the left was red, and the light on the right was blinking orange, and it shunted me onto the orange track. Is that normal and okay?

    Yes and no, the red means that it does know to direct you to the other branch (the orange one, which is good) but the orange means the next part of the block or the branch/switch is still being worked on so from there on you may experience some problems.

    I do go through these and fix over time however, since Linden Homes keeps expanding the railroad does too and sometimes parts of it just can't be setup yet until the next part of the block is complete.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Fushichou Mfume said:

    I did notice just now that a single light (exiting a branch) was green for me as I was still in the middle of the branch, but it turned red as I approached the light, yet I still went through unhindered into the single track. I guess the light just turned red for anyone potentially behind me, but perhaps turned red about 5-10 seconds too soon?

    This could be because of two reasons.

    1. As you mentioned, it could have swapped for the person behind you knowing you were passing it already. This is hard to control based on lag and delays.
    2. Someone just crossed the trigger at the same time on the other part of the block, there is not much we can do about this but that is very unlikely timing wise.
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  9. 14 minutes ago, Fushichou Mfume said:

    Last question: can you clarify exactly which direction each rez zone should orient the train so that it's headed int he right direction for the switching system?  I know trains are supposed to auto-align when you rez them out, but what if they don't correctly align? How do we know in which direction to start?  I guess it's moot for the one at the SE corner of southern Belli, but what about the rez zone on the west coast of lower Northern Belli, just above the sandy camper area?  Which direction should you head out of that rez zone?

    The reason there are such a few rez zones right now is because their even more unique, it does not matter which direction you leave the switch on rez-zones. The way that is designed is that you can leave rez-zones any direction but you are unable to ever re-enter a rez-zone. This is also exactly why it is so important that people do not "cheat" them, because it keeps count of how many trains are rezzer out and in use on the blocks. Same thing for the light, if you rez and your light is red that means there is already a train on the next block.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Fushichou Mfume said:

    OMG I had no idea!  A little shared knowledge goes a long way towards mistakes like mine? :)
    Like, for example, what about putting a visible sign at the rez zones with a link to a sticky forum post that explains the switching system and encouraging people not to "cheat" it?

    So, clarifying question to elaborate on what you've said above... What exactly do the light indicators mean at the switching stations? If we enter a split section where there's a switching light, there are two different sets of lights and I've never been able to decipher what they mean. Is the pair that's sitting lower to the left the one affecting my train moving in its current direction? What is the other pair to the upper right?  Can you explain the expected patterns to these lights and what they signify, so that (in my case) if I'm using a tram that autoflips when stopped, I know whether to manually stop and wait?

    Next question.... If you have a train that autoflips but you immediately stop right after the flip (and don't exit the switching station), can you simply manually flip and wait for the light to change? Without breaking the switching system?


    Last question: can you clarify exactly which direction each rez zone should orient the train so that it's headed int he right direction for the switching system?  I know trains are supposed to auto-align when you rez them out, but what if they don't correctly align? How do we know in which direction to start?  I guess it's moot for the one at the SE corner of southern Belli, but what about the rez zone on the west coast of lower Northern Belli, just above the sandy camper area?  Which direction should you head out of that rez zone?

    We have considered a few times to make a wiki or information page about it, however as we are still working on it things keep changing and that may only end up confusing people. Right now the best information source would be resident to resident. Hopefully soon, soon-ish, I'll be able to write a detailed explanation how everything works.

    The lights are a little more simple in Second Life instead of Real Life to make it usable for everyone. The top lights are always red, lower lights are green, they swap back and forth. When it's green its good to go, when its red it means the block is busy.

    When you have two light post facing you (so 4 lights in total) It's always based on the left or right side. For example, The left side may be red, but the right side green. That means you are good to go and the switch will automatically go to the right (the green light). If both are red it means stop. If you have only one light, for example on a branch or station its just for you and green is go, red is stop. If you try to go while it's red, it will force stop you (or flip direction depending on your train).

    To your question about auto flipping, yeah you can safe to flip it back as long you have not left the branch. If you did leave the branch backwards you could still switch and hopefully it will detect that and correct itself. However if you flip and completely head the other direction the track does not know you are on the block. 

    Last thing, to know if you are on the right branch or not is simple. The lights on the branch only face one direction, so if the light is facing the back of your train you are flipped around.

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  11. Hello everyone, just a small quick update on the Railroad Switches for Linden Homes.

    They are designed differently from the Mainland as you’ve maybe already noticed.  Since we are limited to one track per region in most cases, we had to balance a way to go both directions while trying to avoid crashes with one another.  This is where the switches and signals come in. 

    They have been scripted in a way to stop traffic when a rail block in front of you is busy.   The system forces you to a siding in a block to do that.  When you go through all of the blocks with green lights, it likely means nobody is on the track ahead of you.  Sometimes you may hit red lights which often means someone is currently on the track in the next block ahead of you.  This could be several regions away from you, and you may not see or realize it.  The travel of whatever is on the tracks in the blocks ahead of you could be traveling towards or away from you, but the rail knows someone is already on it.

    We are also seeing in many cases that someone will "cheat" the blocking system by moving their train on to a track by using edit rights, or someone might “flip” (reverse the direction) of their train or by not simply using the designed rez-zones, this disrupts the track completely for 5 to 15 minutes.   Using any method other than a rez-zone to place a train causes the sensors to get confused as that is not how it is designed.  I would strongly request that if you can avoid it, not to use these "cheats".  If you are truly waiting a very long time for a red light to clear (in excess of 15 minutes), please contact me and I’ll try to diagnose any issues that might be occurring.   

    Sometimes you may discover orange flashing lights, this means the track on the next rail block is not complete yet, the status of the rails is disabled, and it may not respond correctly.  The Bellisseria Railroad is still a big work in progress as we try to figure out how to make it work the best way for everyone, this includes rez-zones.

    I do hope people enjoy the railroad, it has been very challenging to find the right balance between the various limits within the Linden Homes regions.   We try to avoiding people crashing into each other and may have to curtail some realism, which means people have to wait their turn. 😛  I'm watching the railroad daily to learn from it and improve it.
    On a side note, trains that auto-flip on "stops" can also bug out the rails. Sadly there is nothing I can do to solve for that.  My best suggestion is - to stop your train when this happens before you swap off to a siding going in the wrong direction.

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  12. The SLRR in Bellisseria is still a work in progress in most of the new regions. With the release of Victorian I was unable to keep up with the demand of scripting and had to put the SLRR on-hold for a moment. Starting early January you can expect all of the remaining SLRR tracks to be finished :)

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  13. 1 hour ago, Daniel Voyager said:

    A new train station at SSPE314 Concorde_001.thumb.jpg.62cef80621e9b7de6c40a870652e8692.jpg

    New batch of regions have been added east of the campers area 


    You are too fast, I just added that a few hours ago!

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  14. Sorry everyone, I been on vacation last week and during that I tried to setup something else and I suppose I broke the hunt doing that since I had really bad connection.

    I'm back now and will start fixing it, once fixed I'll deliver the hunt item to everyone who didn't receive it.

    Thank you for your understandings ^^

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  15. 8 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

    This is great information, thank you, but I feel like there's more to be known about this rework.  Are the full rules and behavior of the Belli railroad available at RR rez zones, or in a thread somewhere, or in the knowledge base somewhere?


    At this point there are no official rules, It's more a "lets hope residents like to roleplay". It's hard to enforce realism in Second Life ^^

    I will try to start some kind of information wiki page at some point, maybe next month. I'm currently on vacation, sort of! 

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  16. 8 minutes ago, maggiessunrise said:

    The only thing I wish you could do is rez a  vehicle to drive  that would be fun  to be able to drive your car or truck or what ever

    There are also rez-zones on the roads. Not sure the exact location right now but I believe its near one of the (current) last train station. 

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  17. On 9/20/2019 at 1:59 PM, Alyona Su said:

    Pinging @Squeaky Mole! Hahaha... Okay, @Patch Linden is prolly really, REALLY tired of me nagging him about SLRR on Bellisseria (I do love you, Patch! HONEST!), so I ping you! I wanted to go Choo-chooing in Bellisseria. It turns out the switch that allows trains to enter the track from the rez zone is BROKEN! :D

    After talking with someone who knows how all this works, they said "somebody has returned the BRANCH SENSOR" (Whatever that is). Can you put one back, PLEEEEZE!?


    And, seriously, ALL of you have done an amazing job here, really, really thank you all so much! My Second Life is very exciting all over again!

    The Bellisseria Second Life Railroad has been reworked to work more realistic for Bellisseria as that's what this place is all about.

    This means everything people knew about the mainland SLRR could be invalid information. The reason for this is because the optimization we have to do for the Linden Homes project multiple locations only have one railway and we can not control the direction people rez their trains.

    The rails are scripted to become "Busy" when one train is already one the tracks to avoid collisions, but this only works if people do not abuse their edit powers and obey the rules of the railroad.

    This means, if anyone rezzed a train away from the rez-zone, which will always remain red if the track is busy and go green when it knows its safe to go or anyone who edits their train and goes to the other track to skip red lights or even drive through red light on high speed (lag issues can cause that) the whole system that has been created for realism breaks. 

    Sadly there is no way to avoid these issues other than to ask people to not abuse their powers and obey the red signals that are red for a reason. This also means when the switches are not usable, this is because it's based on timers and clearance of the next tracks. Just like real life!

    I'm considering posting the exact progress somewhere once I have time, sadly finding time is hard. For now all I can do is ask to obey the rules and not rez your trains anywhere else but at the rez zone which counts and triggers the exact clearance counts for the signals.

    We are watching and learning, as I mentioned this is a new way of scripting to optimize the one-way tracks and we may still have to adjust some timers but as long nobody going through red signals it should work correctly you may just be waiting for 5 minutes depending on how busy the track is.

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  18. 16 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    Woohoo... or should that be CHOO-CHOO! I spy @Squeaky Mole dancing while putting finishing touches on Campsite SLRR, these train guides tell me we'll be able to run our engines here (I could be wrong, of course) But oh, yeah!




    This is correct, it runs on the same system as SLRR on mainland. You can ride your own trains by rezzing them on the rezzing zones. It has been modified however to avoid people running into each other ^^ Don't forget to obey the lights!

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  19. 21 hours ago, Daniel Voyager said:

    I remember for some previous birthdays there used to be opening speeches from the CEO of Linden Lab / other Linden's to kick things off. 

    Live music nowadays. 

    Patch Linden will be doing SL16B's opening speech on Friday June 21st, 9:30am SLT before Music Faire.

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