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  1. The SLRR in Bellisseria is still a work in progress in most of the new regions. With the release of Victorian I was unable to keep up with the demand of scripting and had to put the SLRR on-hold for a moment. Starting early January you can expect all of the remaining SLRR tracks to be finished
  2. Just so you know, tinting the outside is a bug. Abusing bugs is not allowed so if we spot tinted exteriors we'll reset your home. This bug and other small things will be fixed shortly.
  3. I'm sorry for the trouble with the Hardy home, a fix for this is being worked on and almost ready for deployment. As mentioned above, the best temp-fix is rezzing the house without touching it with your avatar or mouse click for 30 seconds. If that does not work please wait for the hotfix that should arrive very soon.
  4. You are too fast, I just added that a few hours ago!
  5. Sorry everyone, I been on vacation last week and during that I tried to setup something else and I suppose I broke the hunt doing that since I had really bad connection. I'm back now and will start fixing it, once fixed I'll deliver the hunt item to everyone who didn't receive it. Thank you for your understandings ^^
  6. At this point there are no official rules, It's more a "lets hope residents like to roleplay". It's hard to enforce realism in Second Life ^^ I will try to start some kind of information wiki page at some point, maybe next month. I'm currently on vacation, sort of!
  7. There are also rez-zones on the roads. Not sure the exact location right now but I believe its near one of the (current) last train station.
  8. The Bellisseria Second Life Railroad has been reworked to work more realistic for Bellisseria as that's what this place is all about. This means everything people knew about the mainland SLRR could be invalid information. The reason for this is because the optimization we have to do for the Linden Homes project multiple locations only have one railway and we can not control the direction people rez their trains. The rails are scripted to become "Busy" when one train is already one the tracks to avoid collisions, but this only works if people do not abuse their edit powers and obey the rules of the railroad. This means, if anyone rezzed a train away from the rez-zone, which will always remain red if the track is busy and go green when it knows its safe to go or anyone who edits their train and goes to the other track to skip red lights or even drive through red light on high speed (lag issues can cause that) the whole system that has been created for realism breaks. Sadly there is no way to avoid these issues other than to ask people to not abuse their powers and obey the red signals that are red for a reason. This also means when the switches are not usable, this is because it's based on timers and clearance of the next tracks. Just like real life! I'm considering posting the exact progress somewhere once I have time, sadly finding time is hard. For now all I can do is ask to obey the rules and not rez your trains anywhere else but at the rez zone which counts and triggers the exact clearance counts for the signals. We are watching and learning, as I mentioned this is a new way of scripting to optimize the one-way tracks and we may still have to adjust some timers but as long nobody going through red signals it should work correctly you may just be waiting for 5 minutes depending on how busy the track is.
  9. This is correct, it runs on the same system as SLRR on mainland. You can ride your own trains by rezzing them on the rezzing zones. It has been modified however to avoid people running into each other ^^ Don't forget to obey the lights!
  10. SL Railway? Where?! I like railways!
  11. Aww thank you all for your kind words, we love hearing your feedback and support! Thank you for being part of such a great community
  12. I'm sorry to hear, as mentioned above the regions can be very laggy and even full right now. There are multiple locations so you may want to try another teleport. Look at this page for more info and locations: Second Life | SL16B
  13. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying SL16B, the tapestry of time will keep growing every year and we'll look into a surprise with the time capsules too! Don't forget to join the Live events: secondlife.com/view/sl16b
  14. Patch Linden will be doing SL16B's opening speech on Friday June 21st, 9:30am SLT before Music Faire.
  15. Hello Sifriya Devin. I do not see you on the application list but I will look into it for you. I will contact you in-world shortly. You may have messaged one of us during a crash or losing internet (It has happened before) and the message got lost in space. If you have signed up under a different name in-world instead of your forum name please contact me with that username. Sorry about the inconvenience! Contacting you now Edit: I found your application, it included a typo in the username so we were unable to find your application. I will get you sorted out now!
  16. Thank you, this is correct. If you need any help with the exhibits or stages please contact one of us 3. Mischievious Mole, Squeaky Mole, and Alotta Mole.
  17. Heya Alazarin Mondrian, I apologize for the confusion. Since we are trying to keep everything a big surprise for everyone we could not share to much details, however as I can see and confirm you are a performer I'll gladly help you out. I'll contact you in-world and we can get this sorted out. - Squeaky Mole.
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