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  1. This is correct, it runs on the same system as SLRR on mainland. You can ride your own trains by rezzing them on the rezzing zones. It has been modified however to avoid people running into each other ^^ Don't forget to obey the lights!
  2. SL Railway? Where?! I like railways!
  3. Aww thank you all for your kind words, we love hearing your feedback and support! Thank you for being part of such a great community
  4. I'm sorry to hear, as mentioned above the regions can be very laggy and even full right now. There are multiple locations so you may want to try another teleport. Look at this page for more info and locations: Second Life | SL16B
  5. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying SL16B, the tapestry of time will keep growing every year and we'll look into a surprise with the time capsules too! Don't forget to join the Live events: secondlife.com/view/sl16b
  6. Patch Linden will be doing SL16B's opening speech on Friday June 21st, 9:30am SLT before Music Faire.
  7. Hello Sifriya Devin. I do not see you on the application list but I will look into it for you. I will contact you in-world shortly. You may have messaged one of us during a crash or losing internet (It has happened before) and the message got lost in space. If you have signed up under a different name in-world instead of your forum name please contact me with that username. Sorry about the inconvenience! Contacting you now Edit: I found your application, it included a typo in the username so we were unable to find your application. I will get you sorted out now!
  8. Thank you, this is correct. If you need any help with the exhibits or stages please contact one of us 3. Mischievious Mole, Squeaky Mole, and Alotta Mole.
  9. Heya Alazarin Mondrian, I apologize for the confusion. Since we are trying to keep everything a big surprise for everyone we could not share to much details, however as I can see and confirm you are a performer I'll gladly help you out. I'll contact you in-world and we can get this sorted out. - Squeaky Mole.
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