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  1. I don't think there's an official time right now. Group notices will be posted.
  2. SL17B starts on June 19, 2020. With a soft opening for group members (free to join) on June 18th. For what's there to do, you'll have to visit to see but a few examples are 24/7 live signers and djs. Many exhibits to visit and more!
  3. Ah yeah, I took a look at them. These "blinking" crossings are not working yet either. Once they are complete they stop constantly blinking I promise! 🙂
  4. You keep catching my replies in between replies! But yup, each block has it's own safety timer. Same for the Crossing Barriers, their all on their own timer.
  5. The red lights should never be blinking, unless you mean the Crossing Barriers. They should reset themselves after a few minutes if it bugs out, please show me the locations if you experience issues like that. I can take a look 🙂
  6. Pretty much! Much like real life, when you see a red traffic light.. slow down and stop ^^ Orange lights are at your own risk, since anything could happen at that point. The good news is that is you do pass those it does NOT break the track since it's not completed anyways. This is really just if you'd like to continue as long you know that anything could go wrong or you could crash into other residents for example. All "safety" controls are disabled.
  7. Yes and no, the red means that it does know to direct you to the other branch (the orange one, which is good) but the orange means the next part of the block or the branch/switch is still being worked on so from there on you may experience some problems. I do go through these and fix over time however, since Linden Homes keeps expanding the railroad does too and sometimes parts of it just can't be setup yet until the next part of the block is complete.
  8. This could be because of two reasons. As you mentioned, it could have swapped for the person behind you knowing you were passing it already. This is hard to control based on lag and delays. Someone just crossed the trigger at the same time on the other part of the block, there is not much we can do about this but that is very unlikely timing wise.
  9. The reason there are such a few rez zones right now is because their even more unique, it does not matter which direction you leave the switch on rez-zones. The way that is designed is that you can leave rez-zones any direction but you are unable to ever re-enter a rez-zone. This is also exactly why it is so important that people do not "cheat" them, because it keeps count of how many trains are rezzer out and in use on the blocks. Same thing for the light, if you rez and your light is red that means there is already a train on the next block.
  10. We have considered a few times to make a wiki or information page about it, however as we are still working on it things keep changing and that may only end up confusing people. Right now the best information source would be resident to resident. Hopefully soon, soon-ish, I'll be able to write a detailed explanation how everything works. The lights are a little more simple in Second Life instead of Real Life to make it usable for everyone. The top lights are always red, lower lights are green, they swap back and forth. When it's green its good to go, when its red it means the block is busy. When you have two light post facing you (so 4 lights in total) It's always based on the left or right side. For example, The left side may be red, but the right side green. That means you are good to go and the switch will automatically go to the right (the green light). If both are red it means stop. If you have only one light, for example on a branch or station its just for you and green is go, red is stop. If you try to go while it's red, it will force stop you (or flip direction depending on your train). To your question about auto flipping, yeah you can safe to flip it back as long you have not left the branch. If you did leave the branch backwards you could still switch and hopefully it will detect that and correct itself. However if you flip and completely head the other direction the track does not know you are on the block. Last thing, to know if you are on the right branch or not is simple. The lights on the branch only face one direction, so if the light is facing the back of your train you are flipped around.
  11. Hello everyone, just a small quick update on the Railroad Switches for Linden Homes. They are designed differently from the Mainland as you’ve maybe already noticed. Since we are limited to one track per region in most cases, we had to balance a way to go both directions while trying to avoid crashes with one another. This is where the switches and signals come in. They have been scripted in a way to stop traffic when a rail block in front of you is busy. The system forces you to a siding in a block to do that. When you go through all of the blocks with green lights, it likely means nobody is on the track ahead of you. Sometimes you may hit red lights which often means someone is currently on the track in the next block ahead of you. This could be several regions away from you, and you may not see or realize it. The travel of whatever is on the tracks in the blocks ahead of you could be traveling towards or away from you, but the rail knows someone is already on it. We are also seeing in many cases that someone will "cheat" the blocking system by moving their train on to a track by using edit rights, or someone might “flip” (reverse the direction) of their train or by not simply using the designed rez-zones, this disrupts the track completely for 5 to 15 minutes. Using any method other than a rez-zone to place a train causes the sensors to get confused as that is not how it is designed. I would strongly request that if you can avoid it, not to use these "cheats". If you are truly waiting a very long time for a red light to clear (in excess of 15 minutes), please contact me and I’ll try to diagnose any issues that might be occurring. Sometimes you may discover orange flashing lights, this means the track on the next rail block is not complete yet, the status of the rails is disabled, and it may not respond correctly. The Bellisseria Railroad is still a big work in progress as we try to figure out how to make it work the best way for everyone, this includes rez-zones. I do hope people enjoy the railroad, it has been very challenging to find the right balance between the various limits within the Linden Homes regions. We try to avoiding people crashing into each other and may have to curtail some realism, which means people have to wait their turn. 😛 I'm watching the railroad daily to learn from it and improve it. On a side note, trains that auto-flip on "stops" can also bug out the rails. Sadly there is nothing I can do to solve for that. My best suggestion is - to stop your train when this happens before you swap off to a siding going in the wrong direction.
  12. The SLRR in Bellisseria is still a work in progress in most of the new regions. With the release of Victorian I was unable to keep up with the demand of scripting and had to put the SLRR on-hold for a moment. Starting early January you can expect all of the remaining SLRR tracks to be finished
  13. Just so you know, tinting the outside is a bug. Abusing bugs is not allowed so if we spot tinted exteriors we'll reset your home. This bug and other small things will be fixed shortly.
  14. I'm sorry for the trouble with the Hardy home, a fix for this is being worked on and almost ready for deployment. As mentioned above, the best temp-fix is rezzing the house without touching it with your avatar or mouse click for 30 seconds. If that does not work please wait for the hotfix that should arrive very soon.
  15. You are too fast, I just added that a few hours ago!
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