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  1. Yeah. The templates get a big QA walk through, however once cloned they get another full inspection and finalizing. Nothing is more important than making sure everything is working as much as possible. This is a few hours process on each region. (and there are only 4-5 QA moles that are "certified" to do this process)
  2. Thank you for the report I will take a look as soon as possible. However Stilt home release has piority at the moment ^^
  3. Yup. "Occasionally" it wouldn't be a problem, sadly we know many users would Aldi just love to ride high speed non realistic and ruin it for everyone else. I'm heavily watching the tracks when I can and trying to learn from suggestions. For example we are testing new rez zones that don't require switches. But being a mole means you don't just get to do what you want, a lot of things have higher priority as people rather have new homes like Stilt Homes than railroad tracks ๐Ÿ˜› Together we'll make it work great sooner or later! But please keep in mind we have limitations we have t
  4. A lot of full time rail fans would get very annoyed by being run over while their trying to role play. As an example while building new tracks or working on fixing parts I have multiple slow down and stop in front of me role playing someone is on the tracks. Everyone sees things differently and we can't make it perfect for everyone but we aim for the best solution of both worlds. In the end the railroad is mostly build for railroad role players. Same for boat docks, roads and everything certain residents may role play. But of course it's free to use for everyone including casua
  5. Thank you, I'll see if I can take a look at that today.
  6. Delay in block is correct. Though to simplify it in Second Life I rather say sections so hopefully everyone understands it. I will look at those issues this week but if you can please directly IM me in world with the slurl. It would be easier for me to jump and fix something quickly.
  7. There are no "rules" for the railroad. However we do have some suggestions. You are correct on the matter that we recommend not to rez outside official sllr rez zones. I'll explain below why. It is also strongly recommended to not bypass red signals. Both of these are because of simple reasons. The Linden Homes railroad as you may have noticed is only one track for both directions. This is because of space and land impact limitations. What this means is that we had to create a custom SLLR system, the Linden Homes system works based on section control. The tracks detect wh
  8. I don't think there's an official time right now. Group notices will be posted.
  9. SL17B starts on June 19, 2020. With a soft opening for group members (free to join) on June 18th. For what's there to do, you'll have to visit to see but a few examples are 24/7 live signers and djs. Many exhibits to visit and more!
  10. Ah yeah, I took a look at them. These "blinking" crossings are not working yet either. Once they are complete they stop constantly blinking I promise! ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. You keep catching my replies in between replies! But yup, each block has it's own safety timer. Same for the Crossing Barriers, their all on their own timer.
  12. The red lights should never be blinking, unless you mean the Crossing Barriers. They should reset themselves after a few minutes if it bugs out, please show me the locations if you experience issues like that. I can take a look ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Pretty much! Much like real life, when you see a red traffic light.. slow down and stop ^^ Orange lights are at your own risk, since anything could happen at that point. The good news is that is you do pass those it does NOT break the track since it's not completed anyways. This is really just if you'd like to continue as long you know that anything could go wrong or you could crash into other residents for example. All "safety" controls are disabled.
  14. Yes and no, the red means that it does know to direct you to the other branch (the orange one, which is good) but the orange means the next part of the block or the branch/switch is still being worked on so from there on you may experience some problems. I do go through these and fix over time however, since Linden Homes keeps expanding the railroad does too and sometimes parts of it just can't be setup yet until the next part of the block is complete.
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